Consolidate Companies

How to Make Group Company in TallyERP9
(How to consolidate Two Companies in One)

Example: If you have a company with 2 units like
1. ABC Ltd. Delhi
2. ABC Ltd. Mumbai

If you have data of ABC Ltd. Delhi & ABC Ltd. Mumbai
(Paste it in Tally Data Folder, Find it to follow this, Right Click on desktop Tally Icon, Go to Properties, Go to Find Target, there is data folder contain, Paste ABC Ltd. Delhi & ABC Ltd. Mumbai in Data Folder)

Open Tally (Gateway of Tally)
Press: F1: Select the Company
Again: Select the Company

Press: Alt + F3

Go to Create Group Company
Name, Address the Company
Select members company i.e. ABC Ltd. Delhi & ABC Ltd. Mumbai.

It says reload the company Press Yes

The ABC Ltd. Delhi & ABC Ltd. Mumbai consolidate in a new file.

More tricks and tutorials updated soon


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