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Enable SMS in Tally ERP9

Enable SMS
To enable the SMS feature follow the steps shown:
Go to Gateway of Tally
  • Click F11: Features or press F11
The Company Features menu appears
  • Select Tally.NET or press F4
The Tally.NET Features screen appears as shown:

Note: To enable Tally.NET set Security Controls to Yes while creating/altering a company.

In case you have configured Tally.NET earlier, you can continue to retain the existing configurations and enable SMS access.
In the SMS Details Access section
  • Set Yes to Enable SMS Access to avail business information using the Short Message Service.
  • Provide a short name for the company in SMS Company Name, the company’s short name must not exceed eight characters.
The Tally.NET Features screen appears as shown:

Allow User to SMS

To allow user(s) for SMS access follow the steps shown below:
Go to Gateway of Tally
  • Click F3: Cmp Info or press Alt + F3
The Company Info menu appears
  • Select Security Control -> Users and Passwords
The List of Users for Company screen appears as shown:

  • Select Tally.NET User from the list of Security List displayed
  • Enter the required E-Mail ID of the user in Name of User field
  • Set Yes to Allow SMS in order to allow the user access business information via SMS.
Note: The above configuration is required for a new setup only.

In case you had configured the user(s) for a company earlier then set Allow SMS to Yes for the required user(s) only.
Similarly, enter the E-Mail IDs of the user(s) to allow access business information via SMS.
  • Select End of List
The completed List of Users for Company appears as shown:

The configuration of SMS Service is Complete Here! After successful registration of SMS Facility you will be received an email from Tally Solutions.

After Customize SMS in TallyERP.9 Follow these steps:
Type the desired keyword/phrase and SMS it to 566779 (followed by the SMS Suffix). (Eg, SMS "Cash Balance" to 5667791 to query the data of "GuruDave" company). To know more, please visit 

Important Note: 
At present, companies with SMS Suffix 1 to 9 can be accessed via Tally SMS. In case you want to access a company having its SMS Suffix greater than 9, please change its SMS suffix between 1 to 9.

How to change SMS Suffix:
Option 1 - SMS "Change " to 5667790 (Eg, To change the SMS Suffix of a company from 13 to 2, SMS "Change 13 2"). Option 2 - Login as Remote Tally.NET User in Tally.ERP 9 and change the SMS Suffix (using "Chg SMS Suffix" button). This can be done if your Tally.NET ID has been authorised for Remote Access. 

For more information Contact :
 Kindly use the following means to reach us for any assistance:- Reach us through the 'Support Centre' in Tally.ERP 9 or - Send an email to or - Call 1-800-22-8859 (India only) / call +91-80-256 38240 (India or any other country) Tally SMS - Information on the move !!!

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