Format of Affidavit for applying for Legal Heir

Affidavit before Notary Public

Affidavit of Mr. _________________ Son/Daughter/Wife of Late Shri ______________ resident of ____________. The Deponent solemnly affirm as follows:

    1. That i am the eldest son of Late Shri ____________ S/o. ______________ died on __/__/____.
    2. That we have taken the surviving member certificate from Revenue Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Office of the District Magistrar,  New Delhi vide Certificate No. ______________ dated __________.
    3. That as per surviving member certificate following are the surviving members of late Shri _____________
      Name of Member Age (In Years) Relationship with deceased

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    4. That after death of the deceased I am looking after the accounts and income tax returns of Late Shri _____________ and as such I want to file income tax return and pay due liabilities if any, to the government of India for which we are getting reminders from income tax department.
    5. I further confirm that, as per decision of all the members I have been authorized to register as legal heir in the Income Tax Department for filing of Income Tax Return.



I ____________________ the above named deponent do hereby verify that the contents proof para 1 to 5 of the above affidavit are true and correct to my knowledge and that no portion is false.

Signed, date and verified at _____________________ this

the __________ day of ___


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