Lesson-38 Recycle Bin for TallyERP.9 release 5.0 and above

Lesson-38 Recycle Bin for TallyERP.9 release 5.0 and above
Now Computer is necessary for everyone like school, colleges, students, industries, shops etc. Everyone use computer or laptops & its typical error to create a bug/error or a virus in computer, because of this we lost our important files & sometimes by mistake we delete our important files, but many many thanks to Mr. Bill Gate for provide recycle bin option in Computer/Windows, where we found our delete files and restore them.
Before some days i was attend a Tally.ERP9 seminar & know about another feature of Tally.ERP9, its recycle bin for TallyERP9. It works like computer recycle bin, if you delete a voucher by mistake or its necessary to delete a voucher and after sometime you want to restore the voucher, then recycle bin option is works for maintain & restore your deleted voucher. But this time we thanks to Sweta Softwares, who invent this amazing feature. This is a free utility & you can download this from Click here.
How to install this utility:
For Tally ERP 9 users. Open your Tally Installation folder, there is a file named Tally.ini. Open this file and find User TDS=Yes paste following codes after this line.

User TDL=Yes
tdl=c:\tally\rbin9-erp.tcp (address where you have placed this file)

Save the file and start Tally. You would see extra option of Recycle Bin. (shown in the picture )
After follow these steps a option will appear on Gateway of tally screen:
After this, when you delete any voucher in Tally; it is still available in the Recycle bin and you can restore it back; if required.or you can delete the the voucher to recycle bin by pressing Alt+D. Anytime, if you want to restore then go to recycle bin, open the voucher & press enter when it say to restore, select yes. Your voucher is shown in your accounts book again. This is free utility from Sweta Softwares
If above steps not working properly then copy the recycle bin file, right click on tally desktop icon, select properties, Select open file location and paste the file in the tally folder open on your computer screen.
Open Tally software and click on version section at bottom of the screen, Product & Features option appear on your screen, Press F4 – TDS configuration window will appear and paste the path of recycle bin file at “List of TDS Files to preload on startup” field.
Its done. Hope this feature help you. For more information see below video

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