How to Use Security Control in TallyERP.9?

Today we learn about security control and user activation in TallyERP.9

Do you know Tally provide a unique feature to know who enter the voucher or who is post the voucher entry. Generally, this feature is used in manufacturing Industry. 

For Example, Manufacturers or big companies have there staff department wise like Accounts, Sales, Purchase, Store etc. If accounts person enter a voucher entry then system show that this entry was record by Account Section, If Sales person enter a voucher entry then system show that this entry was recorded by Sales Section. Similarly status will be shows for other departments.

But How it is Possible. In this post we know about this feature. When you create Company or Alter a Company and Select User Security Control to Yes.

How to Setup User in TallyERP.9?

Enter Name of Administrator and password. Remember do not forget password otherwise you will lose your data. 

Set yes to Use Tally Audit Features to use All Audit Features with print/ verified of each user details.

Now on Gateway of Tally - Press Alt + F3 for Company Information. Go to  Security Control - User and Password. Option for Security Level open to configure on Department level, Select Security Level as data entry, User name as per department, password.

How to Setup User in TallyERP.9?

Press Enter or Ctrl + A to save the details. Now reload the company to test each User Id and password. You can share user id and password with relevant department.

After setup security level, you can see each voucher has own label shows user name.

To know more please watch following video:

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