Shop Online

Buying Customised Solutions

You can buy customised solutions (add-ons) from the TallyShop either by paying through Debit/Credit card or TallyCurrency.
To buy an add-on follow the steps shown :
In the Shop screen

1.     Enter the required keyword in Search field

2.     Click more in any one of the sections Best Selling/New Add-ons/Top Categories
3.     Select the required Add-on

  1. Click B: Buy
  2. The purchase screen for the respective module appears
  3. Enter the E-Mail ID/Serial Number in For Account ID/Serial Number
  4. Select the type of purchase from the Type of Purchase
  5. New License – Select this option when you are purchasing a fresh license of Add-on.
  • New Rental License – Select this option when you are purchasing the Add-on on rental basis.
          8. The Edition, Quantity and Amounts are automatically prefilled.

    The Shopping Cart appears displaying the add-ons selected
    1. Enter the Billing Name
    2. Enter billing details as required in Billing Details screen
    3. Enter the Email ID in Email ID field
    4. Repeat the Email ID once again in Confirm Email ID field
    5. Select the required Method of Payment from the List of Payment Methods
    6. Credit/Debit Card
    7. Tally Currency

    Payment by Credit/Debit

    When paying by credit card it is essential to select the preferred partner and provide the Debit/Credit card details in the payment gateway.

    • Select the Method of Payment as Credit/Debit Card
    • Select the Preferred Partner from the List of Partners
    The ICICI Payment Gateway appears, enter the required details as shown

    • Click Pay
    • Tally.ERP 9 displays a message Payment Successful
    • The Add-ons purchased will be added to your account automatically.
    In case you are using a multi-site license, configure the add-ons from the Control Centre.

    Payment by Tally Currency

    Select the Method of Payment as Tally Currency

    Enter the Tally Currency Key in field provided. 

    • On accepting the Shopping Cart, Tally.ERP 9 displays a message Shopping Successful
    • The Add-ons purchased is added to the respective account.
    On purchasing the add-on for multi-site license, the add-on has to be configured from the Control Centre. 

    TDL Management

    A comprehensive solution that allow the user to manage both the add-ons purchased from TallyShop and add-ons used locally. It gives the user a complete status of the add-ons used by the account.
    The user can perform the following actions
    • Buying additional add-ons
    • Extending the rental period/subscription
    • Download latest version of add-on
    To manage your add-ons follow the steps shown:
    Go to Gateway of Tally or Company Info menu
    Press Ctrl+K or click Ctrl+K: Control Centre
    Login to the Control Centre by providing the your E-Mail ID and Tally.NET Password
    Select the required account from the List of Accounts. This will appear when the account is marked Multi-Site.
    The Control Centre screen appears

    Select TDS Management
    You can perform the following operation

    G: Group by Type – The add-ons are arranged based on their types.

    I: Group by Lic Type – The add-ons are grouped based on the type of license assigned.
    I: No Grouping – cancel the selected grouping
    T: Filter by Type – displays the list of add-ons for a selected type.

    • Add-on – select this to display the add-ons purchased or downloaded from the TallyShop.
    • Any – select this to display the add-ons purchased/downloaded from the TallyShop or used locally
    • TDL – select this to display the add-ons being used locally
    L: Filter by Lic type – displays the list of add-ons for the selected license type
    • Any – displays the list of add-ons irrespective of the license type assigned
    • Evaluation – displays the list of add-ons under evaluation
    • Perpetual – displays the list of add-ons with a perpetual license
    • Rental – displays the list of add-ons with rental license

    F8: TDL Config List – displays the list of add-ons used by the respective account.
    F9: New TDL Config – allows the user to Create TDL Config packs

    F4: Download – allows the user to Download Add-ons from TallyShop
    F5: Buy – allows the user to perform the following functions:
    • Purchase evaluated add-ons
    • Extend rental period of existing add-ons
    • Renew subscription of the existing add-ons.
    Ctrl+D: Download Manual – Downloads the user manual of the respective add-on.