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Quick Setup Guide

Quick Setup Guide

In this post we know about Quick Setup feature of Tally.Net Service of TallyERP.9

Very Few people know about the feature of Quick Setup.  The feature enable from Gateway of Tally-->Quick Setup (Feature is showing after enable Tally.Net password when creating the company or altering the company).

Following features are quickly setup from this option (Quick Setup):
1.      Tally.Net Features
2.      Excise for Manufacturers
3.      Excise for Dealers
4.      Value Added Tax (VAT)
5.      Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
6.      Tax Collected at Source (TCS) &
7.      Service Tax

The Screen Looks like this (Below image)

But 1st you enable all the Statutory Details looks like below images. Press F11: Statutory & Taxation & Yes to your options.

Option 2 & 3: Excise for Manufacturers & Dealers
You may be setup your invoicing (manufacturer and dealers for excisable invoicing) very quickly with proper heading. It also enable you some more functions like Tariff Classification,  Raw Material (Input/Output), Suppliers / Customer Ledgers, Excise Duty Ledgers, Cenvat Ledgers, Excisable Purchase, Rule 11 Invoicing (Purchase Return), Cenvat Credit Availing, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Job Order, Receipt not, Delivery note, Excise Bill Book Etc.

Option 4: Value Added Tax
When you configure VAT Details you must be setup your TIN, State & Ward in VAT Details. This option help us to setup of VAT with Company Information on VAT. Sales, Purchase, Expenses, Income Setup. You also setup your Input & Output Tax from this option very quickly.

Option 5 & 6: Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) & Tax Collected at Source (TCS)
This option ask you for enter Company’s Income Tax Details i.e. TAN No, Income Tax Ward / Circle, Deductor Type, Name of Person Responsible (Authorized Signatory).You directly create ledgers of Expenses, Tax, & Party Ledger. You may also be configured Lower Rate Deduction (Sec 197), Zero Rate Deduction (Sec 197A), Ignore Surcharge Exemption, Income Tax Exemption or disallowances & Auto deduction of TDS in the same Voucher.

Option 7: Service Tax
Right Now, CBDT announces the Service Tax Returns filing only in E-Format or Online. But before that anyone prepare his Service Tax return manually or by any software. But did you know TallyERP.9 has its own feature for making service tax returns and GAR Challans. Let we see some options we configure in Quick Setup. In Quick Setup we enter the details of Company’s Service Tax Details, Service Ledger, Tax Ledger, Party Ledger, Service Tax Adjustment, Configure Abatement & Configure Tax Rate. But how it possible to configure all these features in Quick Setup. Click the following links for Download E-Book.

So How it possible these beautiful and helpful features, since this is a very long process, so I have made e-tutorial on each option, Just simply click on following links to download e-book on these options:

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