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How to Fix Hard Drive "Open With" Problem

Dear Viewers,

Lots of times when we open a Drive (like C:, D:, E:, F: etc.) with double click, that was open with a "Open With" Dialog Box.

This happen because of virus, which is set his own protection through "Autorun.inf" file deliver in your every drive. Which is not open directly and look like this after double click. Lots of antivirus is not working on this problem.

So, Let we know, How to solve this problem.

Click on Start->Run, type "cmd" or "Command" and press Enter. A Command prompt window appear on screen.
Type cd\ and press Enter.
Then type "attrib -r -h -s autorun.inf" and press Enter.
After that Type  del autorun.inf and press enter.
Type D: and press enter. The D: Drive open and do the same procedure shown above. Do this for your all Hard Drive & The Problem is solved.

After this procedure "Restart your Computer" must.

If the problem still with your computer, Contact Me!.

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