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Lesson 48 - How to Configure Cheque Printing in TallyERP.9

Today we discuss about how to print cheque direct from tally. For printing cheque from tally you need to configure your bank ledger first.

Lets start how to do this?

Cheque printing in TallyERP.9

You can choose to print Cheques in Tally.ERP 9 at the time of making payments to Creditors/ parties during Voucher Entry i.e., directly from the Payment Vouchers and Inter-bank payment or transfers through Contra Vouchers.

Enabling Cheque Printing


To enable Cheque printing:
·         Go to Gateway of Tally -> F11: Accounting Features.
·         Set Yes to Enable Cheque Printing.
Note: When a new company is created in Tally.ERP 9, the option Enable Cheque Printing is set to Yes, by default.

Set/Alter Cheque Printing Configuration

Tally.ERP 9 allows you to Set/Alter cheque printing configuration from F11:Accounting Features as well as from Bank Ledger Creation/Alteration screen.

Set/Alter Cheque Printing Configuration from F11:Accounting Features:

To Set/Alter Cheque Printing Configuration from F11:Accounting Features:
·         Set/Alter Cheque Printing Configuration to Yes.

Company Cheque Details screen appears:

·    Company Name on Cheque: To print the company name on the cheque for signature purposes, mention the name of the Company (for example, ABC Company). If you do not want Tally.ERP 9 to print the name, you can leave it blank. Many banks issue cheques with your company name printed.
·         Name of Banks: Select the Bank from the Bank accounts list.

Note: You may also press Alt+C at the Name of Banks field to create a Bank account.
The Cheque Dimensions screen for the selected Bank appears as shown:

Take a cheque leaf of the selected bank and fill in the dimensions of the cheque in millimeters.

You may also copy the dimensions from Sample Format or any other Configured Banks. To copy the dimensions:

·         Click Ctrl+C: Copy From or press Ctrl+C

·         The Select Configured Bank screen appears as shown:

·         Select the Sample Format or the required Bank from the list.
·         The cheque printing configuration fields will fill the fields with the selected dimensions.
To Print/Preview the settings click Print button or press Alt+P.

To reset the dimensions filled, go to Company Cheque Details screen, select the Bank from Name of Banks field and select End of List.
You need to correct the alignments by trying out through Preview/Print. The placing of the cheque in the printer also determines the printing.
A brief explanation on the Cheque Printing Configuration parameters are as follows:

Cheque Dimension

Width of Cheque: Enter the width of the Cheque.
Height of Cheque: Enter the height of the Cheque

Cheque Date

Distance of Line from Top Edge: Enter the distance of Cheque date line from top edge.
Starting location from left Edge: Enter the starting location of Cheque date from left edge.

Party's Payee Name

Distance of Line from Top Edge: Enter the distance of Party's payee name from top edge.
Starting Location from Left Edge: Enter the starting location of Party's payee name from left edge.
Width area: Enter the width area of Party's payee name.

Amount in Words

(A) Distance of 2nd Line from Top Edge: Enter the distance of 2nd line from the top edge.
(B) Height (gap) between 2nd and 1st Line: Enter the height between the 2nd and 1st line.
Distance of 1st Line from Top Edge (A-B): When the distance of 2nd line is entered, the distance of 1st line is automatically calculated and captured. Eg. If (A) the distance of 2nd line from top edge is 50 mms and (B) height (gap) between 2nd and 1st line is 5 mms, the distance of 1st line is calculated as A minus B which is 45 (50-5)
Starting Location of 1st Line from Left Edge: Enter the starting location of 1st line from left edge.
Starting Location of 2nd Line from Left Edge: Enter the starting location of 2nd line from left edge.
Width area: Enter the width area for 1st and 2nd line.
Print Currency Formal Name: Set this option to Yes to print the formal name of the currency.

Amount in Figures

Distance from Top Edge: Enter the distance of amount in figures distance from top edge.
Starting Location from Left Edge: Enter the starting location of amount in figures from left edge.
Width area: Enter the width area of amount in figures.

Print Currency Symbol: Set this option to Yes to print the currency symbol.

Company Signatory Details

Print Company Name on Cheque: This option is by default set to Yes. Set this option to No in case you do not want to print the company name on Cheque for the selected bank though the Company Name is mentioned in Company Name on Cheque field in the Company Cheque Details screen.

Salutation of 1st Signatory (if 2 Signatories): Enter the 1st salutation name in case there are two. E.g. Managing Director.

Salutation of 2nd or Single Signatory: Enter the 2nd salutation name in case there is only one signatory. E.g. Director.

Note: If your Cheque has two signatories, both can be specified. Both could be the same salutation or different. For example, one could be Managing Director; the other could be Director, etc.

Distance from Top Edge: Enter the distance of salutation line from top edge.

Starting Location from Left Edge: Enter the starting location of salutation line from left edge.

Width of Signature area: Enter the width of signature area.

Height of Signature area: Enter the height of the signature area.

Note: The field of this option will skip if Print Company Name on Cheque is set to No.
The filled dimensions of Cheque Printing Configuration appears as shown:

Note: 1. The Cheque Printing Configuration form will not allow you to leave any of the fields blank other than salutation fields. It will also not allow inappropriate figures and will prompt you with appropriate messages at various fields to control the configuration.

Set/Alter Cheque Printing Configuration from Ledger Creation/Alteration screen:

Tally.ERP 9 allows you to conveniently set/alter the cheque printing configuration from the bank ledger creation/alteration screen  itself, so that the user need not go to F11:Accounting Features to set the configuration for each bank account created.
To set/alter cheque printing configuration:
·         Go to Gateway of Tally -> Accounts Info -> Ledger -> Create.
·         The ledger creation screen appears, type the bank name in the Name field.
·         Select Bank Accounts under group.
·         Set Yes to the option Set/Alter Cheque Printing Configuration and press Enter.
Note: The option Set/Alter Cheque Printing Configuration appears only when the Bank Accounts or Bank OD A/c group is selected.
·         The Cheque Dimensions screen appears as discussed in the topic Set/Alter Cheque Printing     Configuration from F11: Accounting Features.
·         On completion of configuration setup, cheque printing screen appears to preview/print the Sample Cheque Printing. 

The Print Preview screen of Sample Cheque Printing appears as shown:

·         Press Esc from the Preview screen or after having printed the sample cheque, the cursor goes to the Mailing Details in Ledger Creation screen, provide the other required details and Save the ledger.

Note: You are now ready to print the cheque. Remember that this option is available only for the banks for which you have Ledger account.

Printing Cheques

To print the cheque after making the required settings,
Go to Gateway of Tally -> Voucher Entry -> F5: Payment
  • Debit the Party Ledger, enter the amount and give the bill reference details, if any.
  • Credit the Bank Account for which the Cheque printing is enabled, enter the amount and press Enter.
  • Bank Allocation screen appears.
  • Instrument No.: Type the Cheque number in the field provided.
  • Instrument Date: The voucher date is displayed by default. Enter the required date, if any.
  • Cross Instrument Using: This is filled by the most common word used - A/c Payee, which is displayed by default. Change to the required word, if any.  
The filled Bank Allocation screen appears as shown:

  • Provide the narration and Accept the Voucher.
  • The Cheque Printing screen appears displaying the Cheque details as shown:

  • Accept to print the cheque. 
The Cheque Print appears as shown:

Note: Cheque Printing feature is available only from the Payment and Contra vouchers.

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  1. for printing the cheque in tally 9 the date comes as 01-Apr-13 but i want
    it become as 01 04 2013 so please help me.

  2. Dear Prashant

    You can change date format through Gateway of Tally->Ledger->Alter

    Select bank which you want to change and set yes option to Set Banking Alter Configuration

    There is option available for date format and you can change it from there. Thanks for visit on my blog.

    1. Hi,

      I cannot see the option to change the date for the ledger in Tally 9.214.

      I cannot access ledger from Gateway of Tally. Only from Accounts Info->Ledger

      Please help.

    2. You are requested to please provide screenshot of your tally first window (gateway of tally)

  3. Dear Sir,

    Can you please send me the screen short of the configuration



  4. how to cancel the bouncing cheque ,please any one send detailed screen shots.

  5. dear sir, can you plz tell me salary to staff under which hea

  6. sir are u here plz reply me

    1. Please read full guide on salary from income tax department at here:


  7. Very Nice Post.
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    Try - http://www.xltool.in

  8. Is there a way to change the location of "a/c payee" while printing cheques ? Also is there a way to change date format while cheque printing ? I'm using tally 9 release 2.13

    1. Yes Nikhil, You can change the location of A/c Payee in Cheque Printing

  9. Congratulations guys, Quality information you have given.
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  10. Sir, i am having problem with printer . On keeping a A4 size paper cheque printing happens on left hand side but i have to keep it on rght hand side of printer due to size of the cheque so how do i change the setting to get it printed on rght hand corner of printer.

  11. Dear Niket,
    Please provide screenshot of your problem on our facebook page.

  12. Can we edit A/c payee to something else in default

  13. what is ideal configuration for cheque in tally erp 9

    1. Above article is best information for cheque printing configuration.

  14. Hello,
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  15. I Want print name on A O BSNL PUNE cheque instead of Telephone exp

    1. Mr. Nilkanth
      First you need to configure option to print bsnl pune instead of telephone expenses. In payment voucher entry press F12 and go to option Bank Allocation Options. Select no to Use default for bank allocations.

      Now when you pass a voucher entry and go to bank ledger account there is option available for entering cheque data in bank allocation. In bank allocation, there is option "Favouring Name", you can enter A O BSNL PUNE in this field and print the cheque. You can now see there is AO BSNL Pune print on cheque instead of telephone expenses.

  16. i want to print not over cheque!!! will it be possible to print in tally? if yes kindly revert with the suitable settings

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