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Lesson 12-Activate Batch Wise Details

To Activate Batch-Wise Details in Tally.ERP 9

Batch Wise details allow you to track your Item with a specific code. It also allow you to see your product Manufactured & Expiry dates. But how it can be done, Read this article to know how Its work in TallyERP.9.

1.      Enabling Maintain Batch-wise details and Set Expiry Date for Batches in F11: Inventory Features.
2.      Enable the following options related to batches in the Stock Item Master to Yes.
a. Maintain in Batches
b. Track date of manufacture
c. Use Expiry Dates
Following Image shows you how to activate Batch wise details in TallyERP.9 with set of Expire date & manufacturing date.

Manufacturing date & Expiry date for Batches

This feature is useful for businesses that deal in goods that have expiry dates like medicines, food and other perishables. During voucher entry, the date of the voucher is taken by default as the date of manufacture of the product. This can be changed but not to a date later than the voucher date. Expiry date cannot be a date prior to the voucher date.
Note: The manufacturing date cannot be later than the voucher date. The expiry date cannot be earlier than the manufacturing date. 

Entering Batch-wise details for purchase voucher

Voucher Date: 1.5.2011. Purchase 2500 nos. @ Rs.25.60 each. Batch no. 001 having the manufacturing date 1.4.2011 and Expiry date 01.04.2012.

In the manufacturing date field, by default it takes the voucher date in the format of month and year. In Expiry date filed, by default it set as Blank. You can specify the expiry date.  
Selecting Batch-wise details for sales voucher:
Voucher Date:8.10.2011. Sales 1200 nos. @ Rs.30.60 each against Batch no. 001.

In List of Active Batches, SP-1062 batch is displayed for selection, since the Expiry Date is not earlier to the Sale Voucher Date. If Sales voucher date is on 02-10-2008, Expiry Date is earlier than the Sale voucher date and it will not be displayed in the List of Active Batches.
This is because the option Honor Expiry Dates usage for Batches is set to YES in F12 Configure (Voucher Entry Configuration).
If you want to list the expiry batches during sales entry, set NO to Honor expiry Dates usage for batches in F12 Configure

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