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Guidelines for Submit Central Form-Delhi Dealers

Department of Trade & Taxes, NCT of Delhi start filing of your statutory Central Forms online (received from parties) from August-2012 & It is mandatory to file Central Forms online from April 2012 onwards through your DVAT Login ID & Password. Now Department of Trade & Taxes can not accept manual  Central Forms. So you will be file your Central Forms online (April 2012 onward). In this matter, there is a question how to file Central Forms online. We present step by step guide to understand how to file forms. User Manual is download to Click Here.

Logon to www.dvat.gov.in through Internet Explorer (Why internet explorer. Because it is best for Delhi Vat Website, Chrome, Firefox & others have viewing trouble).

Click on Online Return Filing (See below image)

Click on Online Return Filing (Show in Red Box). A new window will be appear & say for your Tin No. & Password. Enter your TIN no. & Password for login. After successful login you will see your DVAT account. Following options are available on your login page.
1. Profile
2. Annexure 2A & 2B
3. Online Return
4. Goods Movement
5. Central Forms
6. Assessment Order

Click on Central Forms - Details of Forms (See Below image)

Option for submission of Central Forms are now show on your screen.
1. Select Financial Year i.e. 2011-12.
2. Select tax period. 
3. Select Form Type-"C", "E" etc.
4. Enter Total Amount of Form.
5  Enter Form No. Series & Form No.
6. Select issuing state.
7. Enter tin no. of party who give you central forms.
8. Name of the party.
9. Address of the party.
10. State of the party.
11. Save the form.

Now you need to verify your forms before submission to Department of Trade & Taxes. After saving the details following window appear on your screen.
If you do some mistake while you submit the details of central forms you should delete the form before verification. If you do not want to delete any record then click on box "I have verified and want to submit". Your form will be submit to Department of Trade & Taxes. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this nice article. These guidelines are helpful for income tax consultant in Delhi as well.


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