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C Form Issue Delhi-Video Tutorial

Lots of dealers are failed to Issue "C" Forms online because Department doesn't provide any type of help in this matter. Dealers are very disappoint due to non-help of Sales Tax Department, & further department not issue manual "C" Forms (or any forms-"C","H"). Now we try & get "C" Forms online without any help of department & we are too much happy to share this tutorial with our viewers.

1st of all login your account and click on profile-add item (See below image)-

Please select items i.e. mentioned in your Sales tax R.C. Only, (See below image)-

If  you already add a item in the list then the added item show in submitted items. Submitted items are your registered items with department and all forms related to your submitted items.

After add items, click on Online Forms-C Form (This tutorial shows only issue "C" Forms)

Rest steps are shown in below video.

If you have any problem to issue "C" Form mail us at: smt_gogawat@yahoo.co.in

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  1. Sir kindly upload other file format of issue of "C" Form.
    Thanks in Advance


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