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E-TDS-TCS Statement alongwith 27A mandatory through FVU w.e.f. 01.02.2014

As we have informed you that major changes has been made in ETDS return filing through introduction of new FVU Version 4.1 wef 04.01.2014.In new FUV 4.1 ,while creating FVU file ,Form 27A is also generated ,which is required to be filed along with ETDS fvu file. At present form 27A can be prepared through any software or can be filed manually and an be furnished along with etds fvu file at TIN-FC.

Now TIN has issued a release at website that 27A must be generated through FVU file only . Other form 27A shall be treated as invalid wef 01.02.2014. So all deductors should note that they should file form 27A generated through FVU only wef 01.02.2014.Release gien by TIN-NSDL given below.

""With effect from February 1, 2014, it is mandatory to submit Form 27A generated by TDS/TCS FVU (File Validation Utility) duly signed, along the TDS/TCS statement/(s). Any other Form 27A submitted will be treated as invalid submission and the same will be rejected by TIN-FC branches. (27/01/2014)" 

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