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Invalid Details in Part 1 and/or Part 2 error message while downloding TDS Conso. File

On inquiry from TDS(CPC), the following solution has been received for solution of error message "invalid Details in Part 1 and/or Part 2" for downloading  NSDL consolidated file.  It may be helpful for deductors for submitting TDS correction statement.  

1. This is to inform you that the issue related to “Invalid details in Part 1 and/orPart 2” while downloading Consolidated file in your case has been acknowledged.

2. Particulars in Part 1 and Part 2 of downloading Consolidated file are required to be exactly the same as reported in the TDS statement. Please enter the challan details and unique PAN-Amount combination as reported in the regular statement. However if challan details and the unique amount combination reported in the regular statement have been modified in the correction statement, then use the modified particulars of challan details and unique PAN -Amount combination.

3. A) Challan Identification Number (CIN) – gets generated on payment of tax through Bank Challan. It consists of:-
               a) BSR Code
               b) Date of Payment
               c) Challan Serial Number

   B) Book Identification Number (BIN) / Transfer voucher details – gets generated on filing of Form No. 24G by Pay & Account Officer (PAO)/ District Treasury Officer (DTO)/ Cheque Drawing & Disbursing Officer (CDDO). It consists of:-
              a) 24G Receipt Number
              b) Date of Transfer voucher
              c) DDO Serial Number

4. Please enter a Challan with at least three distinct valid PAN-Amount combinations corresponding to the statement mentioned above in point 2. If there is no such Challan, mention a challan with at least two valid PAN-Amount combinations. If there is no such challan, mention a challan with at least one valid PAN-Amount combination. If you do not have any such challan, mention a challan with no valid PAN-Amount combination and also select the checkbox (no valid PAN Dedcutee row) in the PAN Details section in Part 2, where you are suppose to enter the unique PAN-Amount combination.

5. Downloading process requires you to input “Token No. of your regular Statement. 

6. A) Following could be the reasons for getting “Invalid details in Part 1 and/or Part 2” message in Downloading Consolidated file:

      a. You might have not entered the token no. of your regular Statement. 
      b. Challan details entered are not as mentioned in Point no.2.
      c.Incorrect unique PAN Amount combination. 

7. B) However, if the problem still exists after following the above said rules, please provide screen shot of the same with the complete details, like Token No., Challan Details & Unique PAN Amount combination on email ID contactus@tdscpc.gov.in. 

8. You may also access the E-tutorials published on our website for any assistance/guidance using the following link:

9. Further for your information, guide to identify a suitable challan option (Guide 1) and guide to identify the unique PAN-amount combinations (Guide 2) have been attached with this mail.

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