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Form ADT-1 in Word Format - For appointment of Auditor as per companies act 2013

After Companies Act 2013 is applicable, lots of forms is changed. Some forms (attachment with ROC EForm) is not available with MCA Website. ADT-1 is one of them. ADT-1 is attached with Form GNL-2 for Appointment of Auditor. The same Form was called Form 23B last year (FY 2012-13). 

Now GNL-2 has a mandatory attachment ADT-1 to intimate MCA for auditor appointment. We create format of ADT-1 for our viewers / subscribers. Format of ADT-1 is as follows:

[See rule 4(2) of the Companies (Audit and Auditors) Rules, 2014]
Notice of appointment of auditor by the company

1.(a) Corporate identity number (CIN) or foreign company registration number (FCRN) of the company            U99999DL2000PTC999999

(b) Global Location Number (GLN) of company

2. (a) Name of the company:    ________________ PRIVATE LIMITED

(b) Address of the registered office or of the principal place of business in India of the company:                 Address of the Company

(c) E-mail ID of the company     email id of the company
3. Date of meeting at which the auditor appointed     __/__/____

4. Category of Auditor                 Individual                Firm

5.(a) Income Tax PAN of Auditor or auditor’s firm    AAAAA1234A
(b) Name of the Auditor or Auditor’s firm           Auditor / Audit Firm
(c ) Membership Number of Auditor or auditor’s firm’s registration number
Write here Auditor Membership No. or Auditor Firm Regn. No.
(d) Address of the Auditor or auditor’s firm       Address of CA Firm
(e) City                                            City Name
(f) State                                           State
(g) Pin code                                    Pin Code
(h) Email id of the auditor or auditor’s firm     email id of auditor/audit firm

I am authorized by the Board of Directors of the Company vide resolution no. Write here board resolution no. dated date of board resolution to sign this form and declare that all the requirements of Companies Act, 2013 (18 of 2013) and the rules made there under in respect of the subject matter of this form and matters incidental thereto have been complied with. I also declare that all the information given herein above is true, correct and complete including the attachments to this form and nothing material has been suppressed.

To be digitally signed by                                                      
                                                             (Director Name Here)
Designation (to be given) :                 DIRECTOR

DIN of the person signing the form:   Din no. of Director
Note:This e-form has been taken on file maintained by the Registrar of companies through electronic mode and on the basis of statement of correctness given by the filing company. Attention is also drawn to provisions of section 448 of the Act which provide for punishment for false statement..

You can download the Format to click here (Click on the link - New window will open - Go to file menu and select download as - Microsoft Word Format)
Alternate link for download ADT-1

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