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How to Stop Candy Crush Facebook Notifications

If you are sick of getting Candy Crush Facebook notifications from friends there is an easy way to stop the constant begging for lives and moves that ping your iPhone or Android at all hours of the day and night.
Candy Crush Saga is one of the top Facebook, Android and iPhone games available and users are known for asking Facebook friends for help when they run out of lives or moves.The app allows users to buy moves as in app purchases or to pester Facebook friends for more moves or lives instead of spending money.

If you get Candy Crush Facebook notifications on your iPhone, Android or other devices you will need to go online to the main Facebook page to turn them off. This will work even if you don’t play Candy Crush, but you may need to add the app if it is not showing up in the Facebook App section.

This will also allow you to turn off Candy Crush’s ability to post publicly to your Facebook timeline. It takes about 5 minutes at a computer to turn off Candy Crush Facebook notifications. 

Go to Facebook.com and login on a computer. In the upper right-click on the Settings icon that looks like a small gear. and then on Settings.

On the next page click on Apps on the left side of the screen. If you don’t see Candy Crush listed in the first group of apps click on the Show All Apps link. Find Candy Crush Saga by scrolling or use “Control + F” or “Command + F” to search the page. If you don’t see the app you may need to go to the page and play it on Facebook for 30 seconds to get it to show up.

Once you locate Candy Crush Saga click on Edit. Under When to notify you, click the box and choose never. That’s all there is to stopping the Candy Crush Facebook notifications. Users that play the game can also take this time to remove the ability for Candy Crush to post on their behalf by clicking the X to the right of that setting. This should stop the app from appearing on your timeline for others to see.

Candy Crush is an addicting game on Facebook, Android and iPhone that tasks users with swapping candies to remove other candies from the game board.

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