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How to Register Digital Signature on DVAT Site

Friends, Now Delhi Vat Department allow all the dealers to filed their return through Digital Signature and there is no need to submit hard copy of return after filing return with Digital Signature. But lots of dealers facing problem to register digital signature on DVAT Site. 

So, We provide you a very short tutorial about how to register digital signature on DVAT Site.

1st of all you need to download PKI Component software from DVAT Site: 

Install PKI Components on your system, When you install the software, It requires .net framework 2.0 or higher for installing the software and run the Active X Control to register digital signature on DVAT site.

After Installation of PKI Component, IE Tab is working on your Internet Explorers.

If you are working on Chrome the IE Tab Extension appears on your right hand side just beside the address bar:
If you are using Firefox then the icon looks like this:

Open your DVAT Login through IE Tab (If you use above Explorers). But we strongly recommend to use Default Internet Exploerer instead of Chrome or Firefox.

When you login your DVAT Account there is 3 options on your right hand side top (Home-More-Logou). Now click on More and Click on Register DSC. 

Click on Select Certificate, a new window appear to select the Digital Signature which will plugged before login the DVAT Account. Select the Certificate and save your data.

For Saving the data click on ICON looks like below:
Now you are successfully register your digital Signature and you are able to file your DVAT return Digitally. I hope this information is useful for you.

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