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A Very Useful Handbook for All TDS Deductor & TDS Payer

Recently a Hand Book published by Centralized Processing Cell (TDS) for all Taxpayee, Deductors/Collectors and others regarding 'Tax Credit, Online View of 26AS Statement, TDS Certificates, TDS Defaults etc.  This Hand book is very useful for all above.  Some important views about how to work TRACES CPC (TDS).

·                     PAN & Name of the deductee;
·                     Nature, extent & the date of transaction;
·                     Amount, rate & the date of tax deducted/collected at Source;
·                     Details of tax payment including the amount & date thereof
Non-intrusive integrated platform that provides online services related to TDS Statement /Challan processing, Corrections, Default information, TDS certificates and real-time support for clarifications

View of Tax Credit Statements in Form 26AS with real time support for clarifications
Field TDS Assessing Officers: Comprehensive Portal that enables:
·                     Consolidation of Demand Registers
·                     Real time Analytics and MIS for enforcement
·                     Online Ticket Management System

This Hand Book contents Online Facilities, which is as under :
·                     Online Facilities for Deductors
·                     Online Facilities for TDS Officers
·                     Online Facilities for Taxpayers
·                     Key CPC (TDS) Statistics
·                     Attributes of the CPC (TDS) System
·                     Value Addition through CPC(TDS)
·                     TDS Matching- Post CPC(TDS)

CPC (TDS) undertakes bulk processing of TDS statements to generate ‘Annual Tax Credit’ statements for each taxpayer (PAN holder) in Form 26AS, TDS certificates in Form 16 / 16A &identifies TDS defaults of short payment, short deduction, interest etc.

Download e-Book (Click Here)