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How to Add Whatsapp Button for Blogger Blog

Now Whatsapp recently cross over 700 million user according to CEO Jane Kaum and over 60 Million in only India itself. Whatsapp popularity beats all social media network.
So here is the post for how you can add Whatsapp share button to your blogger blog, but first you need to decide where you want to show Whatsapp sharing button. It is much better that if you put Whatsapp code with other social sharing network code.

Before adding this code you need to backup your blogger template.

1. Go to Template-Edit
2. Find your template sharing button (for in post sharing)
3. Add the below codes with the existing social sharing button.
4. Save your template & Visit to your blog or site on mobile.

The above code will give a small Whatsapp Button to your blog but if you want to add a medium or large button then change the code shows in red with wa_btn_m (for medium size whatsapp button) or wa_btn_l (for large Whatsapp Button).

You can see the Whatsapp sharing like below example

How to Add Whatsapp button for blogger blog

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