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How to Create a Bootable Device

A very common use of a bootable device is to use for Install Window in PC, but very few people know to how to create a bootable device. For installing window in PC then you must have a Bootable device e.g. CD, PEN Drive or External HDD (Hard Disk).
So if your window get corrupted or not working properly then bootable device help you to remove errors or repair your window (also you can install a new window with Bootable Device).

To Create a Bootable device you need POWERISO Software.

For create Bootable DVD/CD follow below procedure:
  1. Click on New Button on toolbar choose File - New ->
  2. Click on Add button on Toolbar to add files and folders. You can also directly drag files and folders from your any drive to POWERISO. 
  3. Choose the menu "Action"-> New Folder to create a folder.
  4. Choose the menu "Action"-> Change lable to change default label.
  5. Choose the menu "File-> Properties to set the properties of the ISO file
  6. Now click on save button on toolbar or you can also "Save As".
  7. Choose the Menu "Action-Boot" Add Boot Information to load a bootable image file.
  8. Save the file to "Standard ISO Images" ISO format.
  9. To make bootable cd/dvd, please burn the iso file to a blank CD/ DVD disc.
For create Bootable Pen Drive follow below procedure:
Click on Tools - Select Create Bootable USB Drive

Now select your file and your destination drive (PENDrive or Hard Disk) which you want to make bootable and click on Start.

Following Video Show you "How to Create a Bootable Pen Drive".

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