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How to Sign PDF File through Digital Signature

Today you learn about "How to Sign PDF File through Digital Signature". Anybody who has file MCA Forms knows that the maximum size of MCA Form file is 2.6MB, bigger than this size form is not allowed for filing by MCA (Ministry of Company Affairs). But some time peoples having problem to file their forms in suggested file size limit, because of document scanning size. 

So what is the solution of this problem. A simple Solution is digitally sign your all documents which is create in word or Excel or any other format. You can covert your document in pdf format and sign the document with Director's/ Authorized Signatory's digital signature. You can also download PDF995 Printer driver to convert your document in PDF Format (you also need to download PDF Convertor to support PDF995 Printer Driver)

After converting your document in PDF format, plug your digital signature in your pc. And follow this steps:

1. You can see the Fill & Sign option on right side in your adobe document. 

2. Click on Fill & Sign and a Seperate Section of File and Sign Tools Appear on Right Hand Side:

3. Click on Place Signature, Adobe reader ask you to place your signature on document. Select the place where you want the Digital Signature.

4. When you create a rectangle it ask for select digital signature. Select your desire signature and save the document. Its Done! 

Note: This type of Digital Sign PDF Document is fully approved by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. 

For More Info, Please see the Video:

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