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Lesson 49 - How to Surrender Tally License when computer is Corrupted

This is very big problem to Tally Users to Surrender their license when system corrupt. Now the problem is resolved and the solution is only provided to Registered Users.

It is very simple steps, when you purchase TallyERP9, you also get a Tally.Net user id and password with your CD (Tally.Net ID is your registered email for activation of Tally.ERP9). When your system gets corrupt and you do not surrender your Tally.ERP9 software before corrupted the system.

Then go to www.tallysolutions.com click on login with your email id and password & click on License & Configuration, under License & Configuration click on License Management:

A List of license option wil appear on your computer screen and show your current license/ licenses. Now Click on Action (See below image)->Surrender. Website ask you for surrender your license, click ok. 

Now you are on License surrender page (Below image). 

Click on perform Operation and you are done!. Now your Tally.ERP9 License is surrender from corrupted or non responding System and you are able to install or activate it on any other System.

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