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Lesson 51 - How to update your Tally.ERP9 License

Dear Viewers,

Lots of people don't know how to update their tally license. There is two method for updation of your license. 1st is from Installation, and 2nd is directly from your tally software. Now, we suggest you, how to update our Tally.ERP9 license directly through software.

Check your Version, which release of Tally you are working. (See below image for version info, If you already have latest release then System show latest in your version Information).

Lesson 51 - How to update your Tally.ERP9 License

Now Click on Release, system ask you to update your Tally.ERP9 Release accept - yes. Now enter your tally.net Email id and password. A new window will appear on screen with following options:

1. Backup

2. Schedule Installation

3. Installation

Click on Installation, system take some time to update your license (Please take data backup before Installation a new release. We are not responsible if you lose your data through this trick). After few seconds Tally.ERP9 show a pop up message on right hand bottom "Congratulations, Your release is successfully update".

Now go to gateway of tally, Press F12, Go to licensing and Select update license. Enter your Tally.net user id and password and accept. Now your Tally.ERP9 have the latest release.

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