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Lesson 63 - How to create Shares Sale / Purchase Entries in Tally.ERP9

A viewer ask me to how to manage share purchase / sales, investment in Tally.ERP9. Generally, users of Tally did not know how to manage stock market trading in Tally.ERP9. Method to maintain stock market/ investment is very simple.

For Example:
Sumit Purchase 100 Shares of Reliance Industries @ Rs. 2000, Service Charges 200, Other Charges 20 from Share Trading Co.. So the entry will be  as follows:

Cr. Share Trading Co.                               2220
Dr. Reliance Industries Share Purchase                    2000
Dr. Service Charges                                                     200
Dr. Other Charges                                                          20

Above entry for non inventory entry for each investment. Suppose if you purchase shares of any other company then you must create a separate ledger for separate company. E.g. if purchase shares of Mahindra Finance then create Mahindra Finance Shares Purchase under Purchase Account.

For detailed information see below video:
Share trading with Inventory

Share trading without Inventory

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