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Tally.ERP9 Price List – Increase w.e.f. 01/04/2017

Tally.ERP9 Price List – Increase w.e.f. 01/04/2017

There is no doubt Tally is the best accounting software of all time. No any other software is compatible like Tally. Price of Tally Software was last increase on 16th April 2012, till now no increase in software of any kind of subscription or purchase of Software. But from 1st April 2017 Tally Increase prices of Software and TSS / Tally.Net Subscription. Price Increase will be effect on all Versions of Tally, TSS Subscription, Auditor Edition, Single User, Multi User Etc.
New Price List of Software is as follows inclusive of Tax:

Tally ProductsPrices Till March 31st, 2016 (Inclusive of all taxes)Price from 1st April 2017 (Inclusive of all taxes)
New Product
Tally.ERP9 (Single User)1800021675
Tally.ERP9 (Multi User)5400065205
Tally.ERP9 (Auditor’s Edition)1080013041
Tally.Server9 South Asia270000326025
Tally Software Services Renewals
Tally.ERP9 (Single User)36004347
Tally.ERP9 (Multi User)1080013041
Tally.ERP9 Auditors Edition54006521
Tally 7.2 Silver to Tally.ERP9 Single User72008694
Tally 6.3 Silver to Tally.ERP9 Single User72008694
Tally 9 Silver to Tally.ERP9 Single User36004347
TallyERP9 Silver to Tally.ERP9 Silver (Single to Multi User)3600043470
Tally 7.2 Gold to Tally.ERP9 Gold2160026082
Tally 6.3 Gold to Tally.ERP9 Gold2160026082
Tally 9 Gold to Tally.ERP9 Gold1080013041
If you still have plan to buy then why wait? Purchase as per your requirement and get attractive discounts. Discounts available only for Delhi Buyers & Services / Installation provided on your door step. 
Email before its too late: smt_gogawat@yahoo.co.in. Please don’t forget to mention your name and mobile  no. in your email.

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