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Creating Salary Details for Employee Group in Payroll

Creating Salary Details for Employee Group in Payroll

To quickly enter the pay structure of each employee, define the Pay Structure for the Employee Group for an employee group using pay heads which are applicable to most employees. You can then copy and apply the same structure to each employee.

To Create Salary Details for an Employee Group
  1. Go to Gateway of Tally - Payroll Info - Salary Details - Define
  2. Select the Employee Group in the Name Field from the list of Groups / Employees.
  3. In the Salary Details screen, specify the date in effective from field. 
  4. In the Pay Head column, the Start Type list displays two options namely, Copy from employee, Copy from Employee Group and Start Afresh.
    1. Note: If the pay head details are available in other employee groups, you can select Copy from Employee Group to copy the Details. If the Option Allow copy from employee is enabled in F12: Configuration, you can select the option copy from employee. 
  5. If you Select Copy from Employee Group, the Salary Details defined for the employee group appears on the screen.
  6. If you Select Copy from Employee, you can select the salary details defined for an employee, irrespective of employee group.
  7. If you Select Start Afresh, you can select the pay heads from the List of Pay Heads, and enter the values for the necessary pay heads, if required.
  • Select the pay heads from the list of pay heads.
  • Enter the values in the Rate Column, if applicable.
  • The Pay Head Type, Calculation Type, and Calculated on columns displays the details provided at the pay head creation level.

Press Enter to accept.
Note: If you use any pay head component with Calculation Type: As computed value and Compute: On Current Earnings Total, while defining salary details, the sequence of the component must be selected accordingly.

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