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Create Payroll Payment Voucher in Tally.ERP9? Part - 1

Create Payroll Payment Voucher in Tally.ERP9?

In Tally, you can easily record a salary payment voucher through Payroll payment as per topic mentioned in this Tutorial.
  • Salary Payment
  • PF Payment
  • Processing ESI Payments
  • NPS Payments
  • Income Tax Payments
  • Professional Tax Payments
While recording payroll payment transaction, if the bank selected is enabled with E-payments option in the Masters, you can use the e-payment options (e-fund transfer, e cheque or e demand draft) to make all your payroll related payment. 

1. Salary Payment

You can pay salaries from payroll vouchers or use the payroll voucher to create the liability, and salary can be paid using a payroll payment voucher. 

To passing the salary payment entry, Go to Gateway of Tally - Accounting Vouchers - F5 Payment.

Press F2 to change the date of payment. Press Alt + A for Payroll Auto Fill. Select the Salary in Process for Field. Enter from and to dates. Enter the voucher date. Select the Employee Category. Select Employee Group from the List of Employees Group. Select the Bank from which payment has been made. Note if the  Bank has E-payment option is enabled then you can make payment through electronic mode. 

Press Enter or Ctrl + A to accept the Payment auto fill details and return on payment voucher. Press Enter or Ctrl + A to accept the payroll payment voucher. 

In next Lesson we know about PF Payments and How to process ESI Payments in Payroll.

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  2. Hi
    While I am trying to make payment on salary payable,thru auto fill method, it appears only salary payable ledger without showing amount and employee vise break up


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