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How to Convert your mobile in a computer Mouse or Keyboard?

Today I was doing a important online work on my system and suddenly my mouse stop working. I was scared and in trouble if mouse is not work then my online work could not be saved because system will show session will be expired in next 3 minutes. 3 minutes is very short to arrange  a new mouse and plug it with the system and during the time my online work waste due to non availability of mouse.

Then a question in my mind that how can we use mobile as a computer mouse or a laptop touch pad. 

I was visit to google and download Remote Mouse for PC and install this software in my laptop. But question is, "is it work for mobile". Answer is yes, because this site also provide you a mobile application for iOS, Android, Window Phone, Mac and linux also. You can download the required version of the application

I think one more question visitors have in mind, is it work as a keyboard. Answer is "YES". This application also work as your computer or laptop keyboard.

But there is a major condition to use this application, your phone and Laptop/PC willalways connect on the same Internet Network. If you connect with different network then system and mobile app will not connect with each other.

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