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How to create Price List of Each Customer in TallyERP.9?

In this post you will learn about creating Price List of each customer. Suppose if you have a product and sold it to customers with different rates then this tutorial is for you. For Example: You have sold a notebook to 3 customers and price to each customer is different and also discount given to customer is also different. In this case, we can use Price List option. Before set price list, you need to setup price level first.
To Enable Price Level - Gateway of Tally -  F11 -  Inventory Features. Select Yes to Use Multiple Price List Levels under Sales Management.

When you select yes then system ask you to enter Price List Level. Enter Customer A name in 1st and Customer B name in 2nd.

Press Enter or Ctrl + A to save the details.

Now go to Inventory Info - Price List & Select Customer A to set price level and discount. Enter the details to set the price level on required quantity and discount level if you give it to customers.

In above image i have enter if quantity is less than 100 then price is 100 for each no. and discount is 5%, or if quantity will be more than 200 then price of each no will be 95 and discount is again 5%, but if quantity is between 500 to 1000 then rate will be 85 and discount is 2%. Press Enter or Ctrl + A to save the details.

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Create a sales voucher, you can see there is an option "Price Level" just below the voucher date. Enter buyer name, enter supplementary details, now select customer name in price level. Select item for which you set the price and discount. Enter quantity, and rest details will automatically appear.

Similarly, you can also create price level and discount for each customer. For more information, please see below video:

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