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How to generate new E-way bill online for supplying goods under GST

Finally, the time has come when all the taxpayers, transporter and related stakeholders who are responsible for the movement of goods from one state to another, can take a sigh of relief. This is because, for any movement of goods across India, the taxpayers can generate a single e-way bill online through a portal called gst.kar.nic.in

Further, with this single e-way bill, the goods can be transported from one state to another without any hindrance.

Registration for GST E-Way Bill Services only open for Karnataka Dealers.

gst.kar.nic.in is the central tax website link from where the supplier, receiver or transporter can generate e-waybill for the movement of goods across India. In other words, if you want to generate the e-way bill, then you need to first register on the website and then only you can proceed for e-waybill generation.

3.0 Four key players for generation of E-way bill online
The four key players for generation of E-way bill under GST are as follows:
  • Supplier: The Supplier can register and generate e-way bills after registering on the website. Further, they also have the power to reject, if e-way bill does not belong to him.
  • Recipients: The recipient to has the power to register and generate an e-way bill from gst.kar.nic.in. Further, he also has the power to reject the e-way bill.
  • Transporter:  He can generate the e-way bills under GST and he can further update the vehicle numbers for the e-way bills assigned to him for transportation by the taxpayers.
  • Department officers: The department shall verify the e-way bills and consignment carried with the e-way bills.

4.0 Complete registration procedure for enrolling E-way bills under GST
After explaining the basics about the e-way bill, we shall now proceed to generation of the e-way bill for movement of the consignment from one place to another. Let us understand the complete procedure step by step:

#Step no.1 – Register on gst.kar.nic.in/e-waybill
The first step to generate e-way bill is to register on gst.kar.nic.in using your GSTIN number and the registered mobile number. The mobile number is required for authentication of the taxpayer. To complete the registration on gst.kar.nic.in, kindly follow the footsteps as described below:
  • Visit the website gst.kar.nic.in
  • The click on e-way bill registration link
  • After that, the user shall be redirected to E-way bill registration form.
  • The registered person shall need to enter GSTIN number and enter the captcha code and then click on go.
  • Once request is submitted, the user shall be redirected to another page, where other details are required to be fulfilled.
  • After entering all the information, you must submit and verify the same by using OTP which is sent to the registered taxable person.
  • Once the details are submitted, the account gets created and then we can proceed to next step.
#Step no.2 – Understanding the website after logging in
Once you are registered with the gst.kar.nic.in, the next step is to log in into the system, i.e. on gst.kar.nic.in. Once you are logged in, a new window opens up where you can see the following details on the left side of the window:
  • E-way bill
  • Consolidated E-way bill
  • Option to reject
  • Reporting
  • Masters – where you can create items, customers, products etc.
  • User management
  • Registration.
Let us move to next step which explains about the new e-way bill.

#Step no.3 – Create new E-way bill under GST
Once you are logged in into the system, you need to select the ‘generate e-way bill’ and after that, you need to select ‘E-way bill’. Further, keep the invoice or bill of supply and transporter ID ready to fill all the required details to generate the new e-way bill.
To complete the creation of new E-way bill under GST, kindly follow the rules:
  • You need to select the type of transaction, i.e. sales or purchase.
  • Once the type of transaction is selected, you need to choose types of document i.e. tax invoice, bill of supply or delivery challan.
  • If you are generating an E-way bill for outward supply, then enter name and GSTIN for the consignee.
  • After that, you need to enter items details. Further, details of items shall be auto populated, if the item has been created from the masters (option on the homepage after logging in).
#Step no.4 – Select mode of transportation
After completing the step 3, the user shall select the mode of transportation like by road, air, rail etc. If a user is carrying out the transportation through the third party, then he /she will generate the E-way bill by entering the transporter id and transporter document number and date given by the transporter.
Once the transport ID is selected, the generated e-way bill shall be forwarded to the concerned transporter, and then the transporter shall enter vehicle number.

#Step no.5 – Auto verification and generation of 12 digit code
Once the request has been submitted by the user, the system shall verify the details automatically and shows a message, if there is any error. Further, if all the details are correct, then e-way bill be generated through form EWB – 01 containing the 12 digits unique number.

#Step no.6 – Non validity if vehicle entry is not made
If the vehicle entry is not made in the e-way bill then the same shall not be valid. Hence, it is very important to add a vehicle. Further, once the vehicle number is entered, the system shall show the validity. This indicates the user to get the goods moved with that valid date and time. Otherwise, the movement of goods becomes illegal. The user can take the print out of the E-way bill from there

Here is the screenshot of way bill:
How to generate new E-way bill online for supplying goods under GST

You can see and refer how the final copy of e-way bill is generated. 

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  1. How we update vehicle number DL1LM8548 in Ewaybill due to invalid format according official Websites

  2. you will have to add a 0 after DL to make it DL01LM8548.
    i had the same issue, seems the system requires 10 alpha numerics in length


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