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85 Useful Excel Shortcuts

Excel is the software used in every office and you can impress your boss or senior with some of the best excel shortcuts. Here is the list for 85 most useful Excel Shortcuts.



Ctrl + B Bold the selection
Ctrl + I Italicize the selection
Ctrl + U Underline the selection
Ctrl + 5 Strike through the Selection
Alt and ‘ Open the style dialog box
Ctrl + 1 Open the format Cells dialog box
Ctrl + Shift + ~ Apply general format
Ctrl + Shift + $ Apply currency format
Ctrl + Shift + % Apply percentage format
Ctrl + Shift + # Apply date format
Ctrl + Shift + @ Apply time format
Ctrl + Shift + ! Apply number format
Ctrl + Shift + ^ Apply Exponential number format
Ctrl + Shift + & Apply an outline border to cell
Ctrl + Shift + _ Remove an outline border to cell

Keystroke Function
Ctrl + Page down Move to the next worksheet in workbook
Ctrl + Page up Move to the previous worksheet in workbook
Ctrl + F6 Cycle between open workbooks
Arrow Keys Move one cell up, down, left or right
Ctrl + Arrow key Move to the edge of the data region
Home Move to the beginning of a row
Ctrl + Home Move to the beginning of a worksheet
Ctrl + End Move to the end of the used portion of worksheet
F6 Move between panes in a split worksheet
Ctrl + Backspace Display the active cell
Enter Move down a cell in selected range
Shift + Enter Move up a cell in selected range
Shirt + Tab Move one cell to the left in a selected range
Ctrl + . (Period) Move from corner cell to corner cell in a selected range
Selection Techniques

Shift + Spacebar Select a row
Ctrl + Spacebar Select a column
Ctrl + A Select Entire Sheet
Shift + Home Select from current cells to the beginning of row
Shift + End + Enter Select from current cells to last used cell in row
Ctrl + Shift + Home Select from current cell to the beginning of the worksheet
Ctrl + Shift + End Select from current cell to the end of the worksheet
Ctrl + * Select the data region surrounding to the next level
Ctrl + Shift + O Select all cells that contain a comment
Ctrl + [ Select cells that a selected formula directly reference
Ctrl + ] Select formulas that directly reference the active cell
Workbook Basics

Ctrl + O Open a existing workbook
Ctrl + N Open a new workbook
Ctrl + S Save a workbook
F12 Open the save as dialog box
Ctrl + P Print Command
Ctrl + W Close a workbook
Shift + F11 Insert a new worksheet
Ctrl + 9 Hide Selected rows
Ctrl + Shift + 9 Display hidden rows in selection
Ctrl + 0 Hide Selected columns
Ctrl + Shift + 0 Display hidden columns in selection
Ctrl + F Open the find tab of the Find and Replace dialog box
Ctrl + H Open the Replace tab of the Find and Replace dialog box
F7 Run a spelling check on worksheet or selected text
Working with Data

Enter Complete an entry and move to the next cell
Alt + Enter Insert a new line within a cell
F2 Enable editing with in a cell
Ctrl + D Fill data down through selected cells
Ctrl + R Fill data through selected cells to the right
Ctrl + F3 Create a name
Ctrl + K Insert a hyperlink
Ctrl + ; (Semicolon) Insert the current date
Ctrl + : (colon) Insert the current time
Ctrl + X Cut the selected text or objects to the clipboard
Ctrl + C Copy the selected text or objects to the clipboard
Ctrl + V Paste the contents of the Clipboard
Ctrl + Y Repeat last action
Ctrl + Z Undo last edit
Ctrl + Delete Delete from the insertion point to the end of the line
Ctrl + Shift + (+ Plus sign) Add blank cells
Ctrl + - (hyphen) Delete selected cells
F11 Create a chart from a range of data
Formula Shortcuts

= Begin a formula
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Enter a formula as an array
Shift + F3 Display the Insert function dialog box
F3 Paste a defined name into a formula
Alt = Insert a Autosum formula
Type a function in Formula bar and press Ctrl + A Display the function argument dialog box
Ctrl + Shift + “ Copy the value from the cell above the current cell into the current cell
Ctrl and ‘ Copy a formula from the cell above the current cell into a current cell
Ctrl + ` Toggle between display of formulas and cell values
F9 Calculate values for sheets in all open workbooks
Shift + F9 Calculate values for the current worksheet
Esc Cancel an entry you are making in a cell or in the formula bar

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