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Mark the Modified Vouchers and Share with Your Clients

Many Businesses take help from consultants for filing returns or auditing their books. As a consultant, if you modify your client books, you have to ensure that their books reflect the final values. To address this need, you can use the option "Mark Changed Vouchers" feature. This feature helps you to identify the list of changed vouchers, but not the individual changes.

Both you and your clients need to use Release 6.2 or later to make use of this powerful feature. The list of Marked vouchers includes all the vouchers that are altered, added or cancelled. Deleted vouchers are not part of this list. This feature is provided with the understanding that your client will not modify the vouchers after the data is shared with you. If your clients update their data after sharing, the changes will be overwritten when the marked vouchers are imported.

For the Consultants

Mark the vouchers in clients data
  1. Open client data
  2. Go to option Gateway of Tally - F11 : Features - Accounting Features or Go to Accounting Vouchers Press - F11 Select Mark Changed vouchers to Yes in last option.
Modify the transactions as per the statutory needs under GST & make the data according to GST Return. It will simplify the data for filing the return direct by Tally.

After changing the voucher send back the data to your client.

To View the modified transactions

Go to Gateway of Tally - Display - Exceptions Reports - Marked Vouchers.

For more details Please watch following video:

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