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How to Rectify & Generate GSTR 3B in Tally Part - 2?

Before we starting you must need to read our tutorial How to Rectify & Generate GSTR 3B in Tally Part - 1?

In our previous tutorial we teach you how to Generate and Rectify Errors in GSTR 3B. In this post we teach you about resolve other issues in GSTR 3B.

Example 1

When You have pass a Sales/ Purchase voucher and you select a wrong classification or did not fill necessary details or select required compliances or details at the time of ledger creation or at the time of voucher entry.
So result of these wrong details look like this:

In above image there is some error relating to create GSTR 3B table wise, Table Wise details is view able for Export Json file for direct upload of GSTR 3B on GST Portal. Press Enter to see what details are still pending to complete validation of GSTR 3B.

Look at the Details, It is sales to a unregistered dealer and state name is not specified in the Entry. It means may be State is not mentioned at the time of Ledger creation or State is not selected in Voucher entry in despatch details.

Press Enter for specify the state in which sales is made and save the details. 

Example 2

Suppose, you create same entry showing above and select wrong classification at the time of voucher entry, and result of error look like this:

In above image you can see there is incorrect tax type ledger in voucher entry. At this point system suggest you to correct the details via press Enter and select appropriate tax ledger. System will show you the correct ledger by default. 

In above image, System show you resolution of error with correct tax ledger. In above image, system suggest to Select Integrated Tax, press Enter to select the correct duty ledger and accept. 

If you have any query related to GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2 error in your Tally Data you can send us whatsapp message at 8920287934. Do not try to call on this number. Because this is connected with our Server, and no calling available on this number.

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