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Tally 6.3.1 Latest release Resolve various bugs

In last Tally 6.3 update there is some bugs which is resolve in Tally Release 6.3 update. To comply all the GST compliance always upgrade to the latest release of Tally.ERP 9 and enjoy upgrate benefit of your business.

Improvement in this release

GST Report
  • Json file was not generated if the values were available only in either of the following tables of the GSTR - 1 report
  • Tax Liability (on Advances received) - 11A(1), 11A(2)
  • Adjustment of Advances - 11B(1), 11B(2)
  • Nil Rated Invoice - 8A, 8B, 8C, 8D

These issues are resolved.
  • When the goods are applicable for reverse charge were purchased from registered interstate dealers, value did not appear in Table 3.1.d. Inward supplies liable to reverse charge and 4A(3) Inward supplies liable to reverse charge (Other than 1 & 2 above) of the GSTR - 3B report. Issue is resolved.
  • If Taxable and nil rated stock items were selected in an invoice and the GSTR 1 json file was generated from Tally.ERP9, the error CGST and SGST is required for intrastate supply. Do remove IGST as they are not applicable appeared while uploading the JSON file to the portal. This issue also resolved.

  • In a journal voucher, if you selected the flag Increase of Tax Liability and Input Tax Credit with purchase from unregistered dealer, the tax amount displayed in the GSTR - 2 and GSTR - 3B reports, was doubled. This issue is resolved.
  • The details of purchase below the daily threshold limit set for purchases from unregistered dealer appeared in table 3.1 (d) Inward supplies (liable to reverse charge) of the GSTR - 3B report. This issue is resolved.
  • If the Json file generated from Tally.ERP9 had an export sales transaction with a shipping bill number, the error "File could not be uploaded! Download the latest version of the Offline Tool to generate the Json file or ensure to validate your uploaded file against the template published at specification Portal" appeared while uploading it to the portal. This issue is resolved
  • The values of a local cash purchase invoice appeared under Inter-State Supplies instead of Intra-State supplies column of Non GST Supply, in table 5 of the GSTR - 3B template in the data exported in the MS Excel format. This issue is resolved.
  • The Taxable values and the tax amount entered in the journal voucher for raising the tax liability on advance receipt, was displayed with a negative sign in 3.1.d. Inward supplies (Liable to reverse charge) in GSTR 3B report is resolved.
  • In the GSTR  - 1 MS Excel file generated from Tally.ERP9 the tax values were not consolidated when the invoices had stock items with cess and without cess, but had the same tax rate. This issue is resolved now.

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