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How to Create Perfect GST Invoice without Inventory - Part 2?

In our previous post we learn about How to Create Perfect GST Invoice with Inventory? Today we learn another method to create GST Invoice. This is without Inventory feature. Generally without Inventory use in Service sectors like banking, chartered accountants, commission agents etc. 

Suppose a Chartered Accountant provide services to client and generate GST invoice. Services provided by Chartered Accountant is not an inventory, so in this case there is no need to create inventory for Sales Voucher or GST Invoice. For services Chartered Accountant raised invoice for Rs. 5000 and tax thereon is @ 18% i.e. 900 (If it is Intra state then it is 9% CGST and 9% SGST or if it is Inter State then it is 18% IGST). Services provided by Chartered Accountant is Consultancy Charges. So lets start to make a perfect GST Invoices having all these details. HSN Code for consultancy services is 998231 (for Corporate Tax Consulting and preparation services).

Create Ledger - Gateway of Tally - Ledger - Create

Select Yes to Set / Alter GST Details and configure like follow image:

Save Ledger Account and create accounting voucher. May be your voucher open as normal sales voucher Press Ctrl + V for Invoice mode. Enter Invoice No., Note as per GST Return rule only 16 Characters are allowed in serial no. 

To create additional description and feature in Invoice press F12, and select yes to Provide Additional description for ledger name:

This feature allows you to enter Service description just under the Ledger Account.

Pass sales voucher as follows:

Save the voucher and Press Alt + P for print command, Press Alt + I for print preview otherwise system give print command without setup printing configuration. Press F12 for printing configuration and select Yes to Print in Simple Format and select rest configuration like below image:

Save the setting and Select yes to print the invoice. Your invoice will look like this with additional description:

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