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Whats new in Tally Release 6.4 - Get Enable for Composition dealers

Update in GSTR-1 as per changes made by GSTN
On February 20, the GSTN  made changes in the GSTR-1 Excel Offline Utility Tool, CSV file format and JSON format. We have incorporated these changes in Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.4 within a short time to ensure that you can file GSTR-1 easily.
Manage e-Way Bills using Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.4
  1. When you create an invoice for transporting goods, Tally.ERP 9 captures all the necessary details required to generate e-Way Bill. You need not re-enter these details again in the e-Way Bill portal. Just export the invoice in JSON format and upload it to the portal for generating e-Way Bill.
  2. Enter the e-Way Bill Number (EBN) in its corresponding invoice, print the invoice and hand it over to the transporter.
  3. You can export JSON file for a single invoice, or for multiple invoices together in one go.
  4. If the mode of transport, vehicle nos, place of supply and State are the same for a given set of invoices, you can group them and generate a single JSON file for a consolidated e-Way Bill. But first, you must generate e-Way Bills for each invoice as a prerequisite.
  5. Tally.ERP 9 identifies invoices for which e-Way Bills are yet to be generated. You can add, modify, delete, consolidate and track e-Way Bills.
  6. You can generate e-Way Bills on behalf of your supplier or transporter; or in cases of purchases made from unregistered dealers; and for credit notes, delivery notes and receipt notes as well.
GST Compliance for Composite Dealers
  1. Define the applicable flat tax rate for your business at the company level . Tally.ERP 9 applies the rate on your taxable turnover and calculates tax liability.
  2. Tally.ERP 9 calculates tax on purchases made from registered dealers and allocates it to your purchase cost. It lets you account tax liability on advance payments and purchases made under reverse charges.
  3. You can generate 'Bill of Supply' for your sales as per GST format.
  4. You can directly export GSTR-4 in JSON format and upload it to the GST portal.
  5. If you are a composite dealer already using Tally.ERP 9, and if you have changed the settings from Regular Dealer to Composite Dealer.
Enhancement in Cess Ledgers
In Release 6.4, you can now create separate Cess Ledgers based on quantity and value of the item. Cess gets bifurcated accordingly in the invoice. The printed invoice will show the bifurcation.

  GST Transactions
  1. If a purchase order created after disabling the option Provide complete accounting allocations in order/ delivery note? was linked in receipt note or purchase transaction, an error appeared in the Calculator panel. This issue is resolved.
  2. On saving a sales invoice with stock item rate and GST ledgers, an error appeared in the Calculator panel if the delivery note linked to the invoice had only quantity, and not the rate. This issue is resolved.
GST Reports
  1. The B2B Invoices appeared under B2C Invoices in GSTR-1 when multiple address details were enabled for the company and party ledger. This issue is resolved.
  2. In GSTR-1 , the credit notes recorded with the nature of transaction Export Nil Rated did not appear under Credit/Debit note (Unregistered) - 9B . This issue is resolved.
  3. In the GSTR-3B report the taxable values appeared in table 5 also instead of appearing only in tables 3(1)(d) and 4(A)(3) when Purchase From Unregistered Dealer - Taxable was enabled for reverse charge. This issue is resolved.
  4. Memory Access Violation appeared in the GSTR-1 report of a particular data, when the period was set to 15 days of October 17. This issue is resolved.
  5. The purchases from unregistered dealers for value less than Rs. 50,000 per day appeared as Unregistered Purchases crossing threshold , under No direct implication in return tables in the GSTR-3B report. This issue is resolved.
  6. In the JSON or MS Excel file generated for GSTR-1, the Export Type was blank for the invoices with the nature of transaction Export Nil Rated .
  7. The supplier invoice number and date of taxable purchases did not appear in the drill-down reports of Purchase Taxable and Interstate Purchase Taxable , when opened from the Summary View of GSTR-3B . This issue is resolved.
  8. In a few companies, the Incomplete/Mismatch in Information (to be resolved) section in the GSTR-3B report displayed the voucher count, but the Exception Resolution screen was blank. This issue is resolved.
  9. In the printed GSTR-3B return, the state tax amount credited in journal voucher for Reversal of Input Tax Credit with Others , appeared under Central Tax column. This issue is resolved.
  10. When separate invoices were recorded for taxable and exempt purchases from unregistered dealers, the value of exempt purchase appeared incorrectly in:
  11. The first drill-down report of GSTR-3B table 5.
  12. The table 5 of the printed return form. This issue is resolved.
  13. The purchases under reverse charge made from unregistered dealer by selecting TDS ledger (grouped under Duties & Taxes Others ), appeared under Incomplete/Mismatch in information (to be resolved) of GSTR-3B . This issue is resolved.
  14. In GSTR-3B , input tax credit was calculated for purchases configured as ineligible for input credit. This issue is resolved.
  15. You can view the purchases that are ineligible for input tax credit with the tax break-up in GSTR-3B report.
  16. When interstate sales recorded with the company's state as the Place of Supply in Release 6.3.1, was opened in Release 6.3.2, the transactions appeared under Incomplete/mismatch in information (to be resolved) . This issue is resolved.
  17. Memory Access Violation appeared on opening the GSTR-3B report in few companies. This issue is resolved.
  18. On exporting the GSTR-3B data in MS Excel and JSON formats, the values of 4(A)(5) and 4C appeared in negative, although the net values were in positive. This issue is resolved.
Accounting Vouchers
  1. Item details were not displayed when recording sales with delivery note. This happened when sales and payment vouchers were enabled with default accounting allocation, and the sales voucher was opened from payment voucher. This issue is resolved.
  2. In the Day Book , filtering the sales transactions for a buyer did not work. This happened when Allow separate buyer and consignee names? was disabled in F12, and a party ledger was used in the supplementary details of a cash invoice. This issue is resolved.
  3. Instrument number was displayed in bank allocation screen although it was disabled using F12 during voucher creation. This issue is resolved.
Accounting Reports
  1. Party address details were repeated in Voucher Register report. This happened when multiple addresses were enabled for the party, and voucher creation was initiated in invoice mode and later switched to voucher mode. This issue is resolved.
Inventory Vouchers
  1. Items rejected in a delivery note appeared in the sales voucher. This happened when an item was completely rejected from a delivery note with multiple items, and another delivery note was created for the rejected item, and both the delivery notes were used in a sales voucher. This issue is resolved.

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  1. mismatching under gst 3b table wise detail shown in mismatching party and company'S GSTIN/UIN cannot be same.. how to resolved it ..


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