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All in One Tally TDL for make your work easy

All in One Tally TDL for make your work easy

TDL is basically use as an additional add-on which provide you additional feature use in your Tally Accounts. TDL is use and can be make as per requirement. There is lots of TDL on internet which make your work easy. Some is very useful TDL and some are just basic TDL which will update by tally day by day.

Today we discuss on a TDL which make your work so easy. This is all in one pack TDL. It contains to direct visit to Income Tax Website, GST Login Website, GST Cash Challan creation website, E-way bill login website. It also contains lots of shortcut key to open reports directly.

But before start this we recommend you to read this article: How to Add TDL Component in Tally

To link your TDL with your Tally press Alt + Ctrl + T on your gateway of tally screen or Press F12 and select Product and Features. On Product and Features press F4: Manage Local TDL

Select Yes to Load TDL file on Startup and paste the file name here with extension and accept (save).

Second option to enter TDL is go to your Tally Installation Folder and open Tally.ini file, this is tally configuration file.

Go to TDL section in the file and Select User TDL to Yes and enter TDL file name with extension (See below image):

After successful installation of TDL file there is some option on your Screen right side green bar look like this:

Here is the list of Shortcut of All in One TDL:

From Gateway of Tally

Press Ctrl + F1 for Cash Flow
Press Ctrl + F2 for Bills Receivable
Press Ctrl + F3 for Bills Payable
Press Ctrl + C for Create Ledger
Press Ctrl + I for Create Item
Press Ctrl + U for Create Unit
Press Ctrl + A for Sales Register
Press Ctrl + P for Purchase Register
Press Ctrl + R for GST Rate
Press Ctrl + G for GST Grievance Redressal Portal
Press Ctrl + L for GST Login
Press Ctrl + C for GST Create Cash Challan
Press Ctrl + W for Login E Way Bill system
Press Ctrl + I for Income Tax E-Filing
Press Ctrl + T for Income Tax Payment
Press Ctrl + Z for visit our website

Click here to download this TDL
See this below video for more

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  2. all in one tdl
    error t0014 : attribute "fitch object not valid for "form"
    in Tally erp 1.1 rlease
    Plz help

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this helpfull things.


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