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How to Create Salary Details for an Employee

In this lesson we know about how to create salary details for a single Employee and how to manage it. To create Salary Details for an employee, first you need to create Employee in Payroll and after that follow this process:

Go to Gateway of Tally - Payroll Info - Salary Details - Define

1. Select the Employee from the List
2. Enter Effective Date from which employee has been appoint
3. In the pay head field, Start type the details three options namely.

You can copy the parent value of existing employee, Press F12 and select yes to Allow Copy from Employee:

Or you can enter details manually for each employee. Copy from parent value will be very help full to configure Statutory Compliances for each employee. 

If you select Copy from Employee, the salary details defined for any Employee, irrespective of Employee Group, can be selected.

If you select Copy from Parent Value, the Salary details defined for the Employee group to which the Employee belongs will appear in the screen.

If you select Start Afresh, you have to select the pay heads from the List of Pay Heads and enter the values for necessary pay heads, if required.

If the options Allow Copy from Employee is Enable in F12: then the option copy from Employee will be displayed. Modify values for the necessary Pay Heads as per Employee Eligibility.

Press Enter to Save the Details

Salary Details Configuration

Configuration of Salary Details as follows:

Allow to Override Slab Percentage: Set Allow to Override Slab Percentage to No to prevent changes made to Slab Percentages. You can set it to Yes, to override the percentages already defined at the Pay Head Level.

E.g. If you have defined Slab Rate for HRA as 40% in the Pay Head Level, and if you wish to change the Slab rate percentage in the Salary Details screen. Set Allow to override Slab percentage to Yes in Salary Details configuration screen and Tally.ERP9 will allow you to override the percentage e.g. to 50%  and so on. (For Metro and Non Metro Cities)

Allow Copy from Employee: If you want copy the Salary Details of an Employee who belongs to a different employee group, set this option to yes.

Show Pay Head Type: Set show Pay Head Type to Yes to Display if the Pay Head is an Earning or Deduction in the Salary Details screen.

Show Calculation Type: Set Show Calculation Type to yes to display the method of Calculation adopted (As computed value, As user Defined Value, Flat Rate, On Attendance or On Production).

Show Computed On: Set Show Computed on to Yes to Display the Computation Information (On Current Deductions Total, on Current Earnings Total, on Current Sub Total, on Specified Formula)

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