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How to Print All Ledgers / Books for a year in TallyERP.9?

In this lesson we learn for how to print all Ledgers/ Books in Tally for a financial year. All books printing is very helpful to maintain records for a particulars financial year. Printing of all books having different options starting with year details and voucher details/ condensed, with or without narration, bill wise details, inventory wise details, details of cost center, banking allocation details, Forex details (only applicable for use of multi currency). 

To print all the Voucher Ledger/ Books press Alt + P on your Gateway of Tally, after press Alt + P Printing menu appear on your screen, select Accounts Books - Ledger - All Accounts

Select option All Accounts, printing configuration appear on your screen.

In printing report there is some option to use in your ledger / books printing. Select yes to required fields and no to non-required fields. Always select Voucher Format Details instead of condensed this option will extend your entry using other ledgers in the same voucher entry. Always use these settings to print all ledger:

  • Party Address Details - Yes
  • Bank Accounts Details - No 
  • Show Bill wise details - Yes (Using this option smartly, If you use bill wise details for trading and non trading vouchers then select it yes. Or if you enter voucher number manually in each entry then select No)
  • Cost Center Details - Yes if you using Cost Center
  • Inventory Details - Yes / No (I would like to prefer no for inventory because you can print all inventory through  inventory printing options and can search any inventory as per your requierment)
  • Bank Details - No (Select yes on in case if you want bank allocation details used in voucher entry. This option will consume more paper and may be your printing cost will be double)
  • Show Forex Details - Select yes only if you are using multi currency or using foreign exchange entries)
  • Voucher Numbers - Yes (If you are set no to 3rd option Show Bill wise details)
  • Show Narrations - Yes
  • Show Forex Transaction - Yes (If using multi currency)
  • Show Running Balance - No
  • Including Opening Balances - Yes
  • Show Group Name - No
  • Sorting Method - Default
  • Method of Balancing - Yearly
  • Start Fresh page for each account - No (Always select this option no to reduce paper cost and printing cost)
  • Allow Selection of Group / Ledgers - No
  • Set Alphabetical Print Range  - No
  • Print Index Page - Yes (This option print a Index page of your books and give auto numbers to each page. Printing Index will help you to find any ledger copy in your books with page serial number)
Press Enter and Select yes. Your all books print command will be start to print.

You can also convert your all books to pdf version. For convert into pdf you need to install any pdf printer in your computer. While give print command press Alt + S for select PDF Printer and press enter. System ask you to save the All Books in pdf version. Select your desired location and save. You also able to this pdf at any time when you require.

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