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GST not calculate or wrong Calculate in Tally Automatic? Here is the Solution

Hallo Friends, sometimes when you create or generate an invoice then tax will not calculate automatically or calculate wrong. Did you notice why it is happened. This is because wrong tax classification or wrong tax category created on ledger level or inventory level. So you need to aware about tax classification on ledger or inventory level. 
GST not calculate or wrong Calculate in Tally Automatic Here is the Solution

If you have this issue then follow these steps:

1. Check your Ledger Account (If you create sales voucher on Ledger Level)
2. Check your Inventory Account (If you create sales voucher on Inventory Level)

GST Calculation error will only came because of wrong GST Classification, so how to check your GST classification.

There is a single solution for resolve this issue. To know more about single solution read this article: How to use a single ledger for all GST Calculation in Tally.ERP9

Follow these steps if you not satisfy with above article:

If you are using multiple tax rate to create invoice then you need to create all tax type ledger individually. Suppose you have 12% tax rate services and 28% tax rate services. So you need to create 2 ledger:

Ledger 1 - Image 1 

Set/alter GST Details to yes and enter details like below image

Ledger - 1 Image 2

Similarly, you need to create ledger of any other tax rate like 5%, 12%, 18%.

Same steps would be taken in Inventory scenerio. For Example, I have 3 inventory to sale:

1. Pen @ GST 5%
2. Pencil @ GST 12%
3. Paper or other Stationery Items @ 18%

First you need to go - Inventory Info - Stock Items - Create:

Select Yes to GST Statutory Details:

Create other Inventories like this and save.

Remember one more thing to avoid GST wrong or not tax calculation, if any ledger or inventory having changes in tax rate due to notification so you need to change it with date on which notification issued. For this you need to alter the ledger / inventory. Note: When you change the tax rate or any kind of change ledger / inventory ask you to enter the revise date like below image.

Follow above steps and you never face GST calculation errors. I hope you like this article. Please like us on facebook and subscribe on our youtube channel for video tutorials

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