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Purchase Import from Excel to Tally TDL

Hallo Friends, We have lots of queries on TDL for Import Purchase register from Excel to Tally. As all of you know GST have too much complications about input credit and proper entries are required to maintain as per GST compliance. But first we need to know how we add this TDL in Tally. You need to read this article for adding TDL in Tally.
Read this for Integrate TDL in Tally: How to Add TDL & Components in Tally

After adding TDL a new feature of Import Purchase will be appear on your side bar.

This TDL is very very useful in contractual purchase entries and also very useful to import details from Eway portal. For Example, I have made contract of 15000KG goods from a company/firm and that company generate Eway Bill on my GSTIN and you can find that invoice details in your eway bill portal under Report - Other EWB Report - Generated By Others  

You can also find the eway bill details as per below image:

Eway Bill generation, How to generate eway bill

Now enter date of eway bill generated and click on Go. Details of Eway bills generated by other populate on your screen and a tab of Export to Excel appear at the bottom of Eway Bills.

How to export eway bills in excel

After export in excel just copy the file in Excel format which will compatible with Tally TDL and excel file will look like this:

In Vch no column you need to enter tally voucher number, Date column on which date you enter the voucher in Tally, In Suppl. Inv number enter purchase invoice number, Supl Inv Date column required date of purchase invoice, In Customer name field enter Party Name similarly you need to enter required details.

Save the excel file and go to your tally and press Alt + and a one time configuration window will be appear on your screen.

Select Yes to Configuration and a new window will be appear:

Now paste excel file path to Excel Path and enter Excel Workbook name in Sheet Name field and hit enter.

Details of purchase import will look like this:

Click on F2 and import the data. File will be imported successfully. Now go to your purchase register and you can see the purchase voucher imported to your purchase register.

Friends, This tdl is not for free we will provide you trial copy via email. Please comment us your email or message on our official facebook page. The cost of purchase TDL is for Rs 2500 + 18% GST. 

Kindly whatsapp us on 8920287934 for purchase this TDL

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  1. Please provide us trial template.

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