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How to Merge, Split, Compress, Convert, Edit your PDF File Easily

Dear Friends, Today we discuss about tools to edit, merge, split, compress or convert your pdf file into editable format. Suppose you need to extract a page from your 500 page pdf file so how you extract, you need a pdf printer or you need PDF Cutter, but pdf cutter extract all your pages instead of required page. So for do these steps in very easy there is a website to help you i.e. ILOVEPDF.

How to Merge, Split, Compress, Convert, Edit your PDF File Easily

ILOVEPDF is an online platform provide you lots of pdf tools list below:

1.  Merge PDF - This feature easily can merge or combine multiple PDF files into one.

2.  Split PDF - This feature easily split any pdf file into multiple pdf files.

3.  Compress PDF - Compress PDF file in three type of compression Extreme Compression (Less Quality, High Compression), Recommended Compression (Good Quality Good Compression), Less Compressions (High Quality, Less Compression)

4.  Remove Page in PDF - Select and remove the pages you don't need and get a new file without the page you removed.

5.  Extract Page in PDF - This feature allows you to extract a single page from a pdf file.

6.  Organize PDF - This is very useful and interesting feature, you can sort, add and delete pdf pages through this feature, Drag and drop page thumbnails and sort them in PDF organizer.

7.  PDF to JPG - This feature allows you to convert any PDF file into JPG. If a file have 10 pages then all 10 pages convert into JPG.

8.  PDF to Word - You can easily convert your pdf to word with incredible accuracy.

9.  PDF to Powerpoint - You can easily convert your pdf to powerpoint with incredible accuracy.

10.PDF to Excel - You can easily convert your pdf to excel spreadsheets.

11. Repair PDF - You need to upload a corrupt pdf file to the website and website do any possible effort to try to fix it. It is totally depend on the file how much is damage.

12. Rotate PDF - This feature allows you to rotate the pdf file as the way you need. You can even rotate multiple files at once.

13. Add Page Number in PDF - Add page numbers in your pdf with ease.

14. Add Watermark in PDF - Add stamp or watermark in your PDF File with ease.

15. JPG to PDF - Convert JPG Images to pdf in seconds.

16. Word to PDF - Make doc / docs files easily to PDF.

17. Powerpoint to PDF - Make PPT and PPTX slideshow easily convert to PDF.

18. Excel to PDF - Convert Excel spreadsheets easy to read by converting to PDF.

19. HTML to PDF - Convert any web page to pdf with ease.

20. Unlock PDF - Remove PDF Password security, giving you the freedom to use your pdf as want. You can only remove password from file if you know the password already.

21. Protect PDF - Encrypt your PDF file with a password to keep sensitive data confidential.

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