Probably lots of people hesitate to configure TALLYERP.9 because they scare to loss the data or misconfigure. But let me show you how to configure the Excise for Manufacturer, Excise for Dealer, Service Tax, TDS, TCS, Payroll & Tax Audit (Audit Version and General Version). You will be find out sample data to download following Links:

Click on "Read More to Download Sample Data"

Excise for Manufacturers  (Click here to Download) (Presentation)
Excise for Dealers            (Click here to Download) (Presentation)
Service Tax                     (Click here to Download) (Presentation)
TDS                               (Click here to Download) (Presentation)
TCS                               (Click here to Download) (Presentation - Coming Soon)
Payroll                            (Click here to Download) (Presentation)
Tax Audit                       (Click here to Download) (Presentation - Coming Soon)

Stay Tuned for More Updates

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