How to Export Data from Tally?

Do you know Tally export your data in six formats i.e. ASCII Comma Delimited (txt), Excel Spread Sheet, HTML, JPEG Image Format, PDF (Portable Document Format) and xml (Data interchange).

For Exporting Data, It is very easy. Export option is appear top of the tally screen just besides Print Option. 

How to Export Data in Tally

When you Click on Export or Press Alt + E, export window will appear on your screen with some predefined formats. But remember when you export a report then window will show different options and when you export a voucher then export options are different. 

Above image is ledger level export option showing multiple options like style of report, format detailed or condensed, billwise details, cost center details, inventory etc. 

How to Export Data from Tally?

Above image for voucher level export option. You can use this option only for export voucher. You can also export your sales invoice in various data format. Best option for export a report is pdf and if you want to make extra calculation in your working then you need to export data in excel. 

Tally Export the data by default in Tally Installation folder and you can change the export location by change in Tally.ini file allocated in Tally Installation Folder and change the Export location directly on export option screen.

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How to make a receipt voucher in Tally?

How to make a receipt voucher in Tally?

Receipt payment voucher is used for received payment from supplier/ buyer or any party or income received by any other source.

To create receipt voucher - Gateway of Tally - Accounting Voucher - F6 (Receipt)

How to make a receipt voucher in Tally?

Cr. Party name                                     212500
Dr. Bank                           212500

Rs. 212500 deposited in bank through RTGS, Cheque, Cash, NEFT. 

Suppose if you sold goods through cash sales then you must enter a receipt voucher mentioned as above. 

How to Print Receipt voucher with Thanks. There is another method to print receipt voucher or confirmation voucher with vote of thanks. 

For configure Receipt confirmation voucher go to Accounting Info - Voucher Type - Alter - Receipt

Select yes to "Print Formal receipt after saving."

Now create a receipt voucher and save it. 

Create receipt voucher with thanks

After save the receipt voucher go to print command, by default 1st print option is normal receipt voucher and 2nd print is confirmation voucher with thanks.
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Create a Advance payment to Supplier under GST?

In this post, we know about advance payment made to Supplier (Registered or unregistered) under GST with Tax Effect. 

To create Advance Payment Voucher - Gateway of Tally - Accounting Voucher - Payment

Recording GST Advance Receipts from Customers

Press Alt + V for record Advance payment under Reverse Charge. This voucher is not contain any tax liability and will part of the excluded vouchers.

Select Account Cash or Bank, from which payment will be made. Select party ledger and enter details of advance payment. Enter amount and GST implications will show on this stage.

Create a Advance payment to Supplier under GST?

This is ledger level payment item, if the stock item attracts reverse charge then select stock item instead of Ledger Name to configure for reverse charge.

If the stock item being purchased from unregistered dealer does not attract reverse charge, do not configure the stock item for reverse Charge. Select the ledger contained for reverse charge in the Advance payment details screen.

You can also modify the tax rate and tax amount on advance payment details to press F12. 

Create a Advance payment to Supplier under GST?

Select modification of tax details to yes (for change the tax rate and amount manually). Select amount inclusive of tax to yes for showing amount inclusive of tax.
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How to Create Composite Sales Supply under GST (Reverse Charge)?

You can record the sales of composite supply using a sales invoice. The tax rate applicable on principal supply will be considered as the rate of tax for the composite supply.

In a composite supply of both goods and services, either one of them can be the principal supply. If you are not sure about the principle supply and the secondary supply then you can create separate invoice for goods and services.

For Composite Supply

Create a service ledger to participate in the sales of Composite supply.

Go to Gateway of Tally - Accounts Info - Ledger - Create

How to Create Composite Supply under GST (Reverse Charge)

Select GST Applicable as not applicable and Set Alter GST Details as No.

You will show option of Include assessable value calculation for GST Enable is available. Select GST - Appropriate to Goods or Services. Method of calculation - Based on value. 

Now record a sales voucher with composite supply with goods as principle item like below image:

In above image you can see there is transportation cost of Rs. 25000 added in sale invoice and Tax CGST and SGST charged including Transportation Charges.

For detailed view of Tax Calculation press Alt + A in voucher entry and tax analysis will appear on your screen.

How to Create Composite supply invoice under GST Reverse Charge in Tally

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How to Convert your mobile in a computer Mouse or Keyboard?

Today I was doing a important online work on my system and suddenly my mouse stop working. I was scared and in trouble if mouse is not work then my online work could not be saved because system will show session will be expired in next 3 minutes. 3 minutes is very short to arrange  a new mouse and plug it with the system and during the time my online work waste due to non availability of mouse.

Then a question in my mind that how can we use mobile as a computer mouse or a laptop touch pad. 

I was visit to google and download Remote Mouse for PC and install this software in my laptop. But question is, "is it work for mobile". Answer is yes, because this site also provide you a mobile application for iOS, Android, Window Phone, Mac and linux also. You can download the required version of the application

I think one more question visitors have in mind, is it work as a keyboard. Answer is "YES". This application also work as your computer or laptop keyboard.

But there is a major condition to use this application, your phone and Laptop/PC willalways connect on the same Internet Network. If you connect with different network then system and mobile app will not connect with each other.

Download Links:

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How to Deactivate VAT, Service Tax and Excise in Tally?

From 1st July onwards VAT (Value Added Tax), Service Tax & Excise Duty subsumed in GST. But return for all these taxes is still to be filed (except Excise). 

From 1st July assessee raised all bills of goods and services with GST tax. Assessee can charge tax as per applicable GST Rates. Tally make software very easy to use for their users. Specially small traders whose are very badly effective with GST and puzzle how to maintain their accounts. 

So In Delhi Last date of filing of DVAT Return is 25th July 2017 (not extended yet) and Service Tax return last date is 15th August 2017.
After that you do not need to work for VAT, Service Tax and Excise. So you can deactivate all these taxes in Tally for safer side.

How to Deactivate VAT in Tally.

To deactivate VAT Feature in Tally. Create a accounting Voucher - Press F11 - F3 go to Enable VAT - Yes - Alter Vat Details - Yes and enter deactivate date from 01-07-2017.


Press F11 to Gateway of Tally and Select Statutory and Taxation - Enable VAT - Yes - Alter Vat Details - Yes and enter deactivate date from 01-07-2017.

How to Deactivate VAT, Service Tax and Excise in Tally?

Same settings will be applicable for Excise & Service Tax.

How to Deactivate VAT, Service Tax and Excise in Tally?

How to Deactivate VAT, Service Tax and Excise in Tally?

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Calculation of GST Based on Price Range or Cess on Quantity

You can define the percentage of GST for a particular price range or the cess amount per unit, in the stock master. These rates will get applied while recording the purchase or sales of the stock items. 

Define the GST Rate based on Slab Rate on price range

To configure the stock item for GST Calculation based on the slab rate of price range. 

Go to Gateway of Tally - Inventory Info - Stock Item - Create or Alter. Specify the required details in the field Name, Under and Units. Set the option GST Applicable to Yes. 

Specify the description and HSN/SAC.  Select on Item Rate as the calculation type. Enter the price range under rate, and the percentage of Integrated Tax Rate. 

How to Select Item Type in GST

Enter on Item Rate

Press Enter or Ctrl + A to Save the details and again for save the Stock Item configuration.

Now record a sales voucher for a stock item configured with GST on price range. 

How to Create GST Based Quantity invoice

Press Alt + A for tax analysis of the sales voucher. 

In above image you can see there is Stock Item Batteries have different GST Calculation. Because we define that if rate of item below 500 Rs. then IGST calculate @ 5% (2.5% CGST and 2.5% SGST) and if Rate is more than 500 then GST Rate will be 12% (6% CGST and 6% SGST).
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