Creating & Altering of Group. Sub-Group & Ledger

Creating & Altering of Group. Sub-Group & Ledger
One day i visit (when i work with Chartered Accountant) to my clients for auditing, they worked in TallyERP.9, Staff told me about the altering and creation of Group, Sub Group & Ledger during the entry creation. I suggest him “How to Creating & Altering of Group. Sub-Group & Ledger”. So this time I present you to know “how to do this”.
In Tally Accounting Software there is two method to Create/ Alter Group / Voucher. 

1st One is Gateway of Tally->Accounts Info->Group (For Creating /Altering of Group) & Voucher (For Creating / Altering of Voucher). 
This is very long Process & some of the people tired to do this lengthy process. So, I make a following tutorial to do this very shortly. 
Follow these steps:
If you create a voucher then the screen appear like following:
The tutorial works in any type of voucher (Payment, receipt, Journal, Debit / Credit note, Inventory, Payroll etc.)
When your cursor on the Dr. Side enter the voucher name which you want to alter, then press Ctrl+Enter (like below image);
You are on Group/ Ledger alter screen like below image:
Press Enter and Change Under->Nature of Group/ Ledger (You can also create an New Group of Ledger in this Field.
Thats all for the Creation and Alteration of Group / Voucher.
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