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Subject: E-Mail address and mobile number of registered dealers

                The Department of Trade & Taxes is developing a software application for online issue of Central Declaration Forms. This facility is being designed to allow the dealers to submit requisition for central declaration forms online and the department would e-mail secure and downloadable soft copy of the forms to the dealers.

                This software application will require authentic e-mail address and mobile contact number of the dealer to ensure authentication and verification at various stages before the forms are finally mailed to the dealers at their registered e-mail address.

                 Other online facilities being envisaged / developed will also require correct e-mail address and mobile number of the dealers to be registered with the Department.

             Therefore, all dealers registered with the Department of Trade & Taxes are requested to register their latest mobile number and e-mail address on the official website of the department i.e. ( under the link Dealer's Login page/edit contact.

DIP/0098/2012-13                                                                                                   Sd/-
                                                                                                                      Addl. Commr. (PR) 

Read this article on Page 19 of The Times of India, Delhi Edition of Dated 21th April 2012.

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