Lesson-31 Sales Orders

Lesson-31 Sales Orders

When the order is received from a customer for goods
to be supplied, the Items, quantities, date of delivery, etc., details are
given with Sales Order Number. Later when these goods are delivered, this Sales
is tracked for the order Details either in the delivery note or in
the sales invoice.
The Outstanding Sales Order reports are available in
Tally.ERP 9. It is possible to know the order position of any item in the Stock
Summary. Separate Sales Order Outstanding report and Sales Order Summary report
are also available.

Creating a Sales Order

Sales order
entry is exactly like the Purchase Order Entry.  Sales Order details will
also depend on configuration settings.
To create a Sales Order,
Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Vouchers >
press Alt + F5 or click on Sales Order

Party’s A/c Name

Select the Customer’s name from the
List of Ledger Accounts. Press Alt + C to create a new

Order No

The Order number is automatically
displayed. By default it will take the Voucher number as Order No. You can
change this number if required.
You can also configure the voucher
type for Sales Order, to get the Suffix and Prefix for the sales orders. (Go to
Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info / Inventory Info >
Voucher Types > Alter > Sales order > Set Yes
to Use Advance Configuration).

Name of the Item

Select the Item for which the order
is to be placed from the List of Stock Items. The Item Allocations sub-screen is displayed as shown.
Enter the details as shown.

Due on

Enter the due date for the Delivery
of the items. This monitors outstanding Delivery of the items.
If orders are split for different
dates, then specify the due date for the first lot to be received. After
selecting the quantity, rate and amount; specify the due date for the second
lot and so on. After specifying the due dates for all the lots, press Enter in the Due on field to return
to the Voucher Creation screen.
Note: Godown/
Location field will appear, if multiple-location
feature is enabled in F11:Features (F2:Inventory

Quantity, Rate and Amount

Enter the quantity of the item and
its rate. The amount will be calculated automatically.


This field is optional. You can give
some particulars about the order.




alter a Sales Order,
to Gateway of Tally > Display > Day Book
to Gateway of Tally > Display > Inventory Books >
Sales Orders Book
the necessary alterations and save.


Deleting a Sales Order

delete a Sales order, press Alt + D in the Sales Order
alteration screen.
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  • When I open sales order voucher instead of "Name of Item" I see "Particulars" how do I deal with it?