DVAT Dealers – Caution in Purchases against Tax Invoices

Department of Trade & Taxes
Government of NCT of Delhi
Public Notice
Delhi VAT Dealers – Caution in Purchases against Tax
  1.           Buy goods from a trusted seller who files return and thereby pays due
    tax collected from you.
  2.         Mere 2B statement filing by selling dealer not sufficient – selling
    dealer needs to back it up with return.
  3.         Some selling dealers disappear before last date of filing returns – Not
    only would you lose input tax credit and pay the same with interest and penalty
    but also face criminal prosecution for producing tax invoices from such selling

Civil & Criminal action has started against defaulting selling and
purchasing dealers who are benefitting from such bogus tax invoices.

Department will in future, pending enquiry, place names of such dealers under
category of doubtful dealers on its website. 
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