Important announcement for Tax payers for updating contact details in e-Filing Portal

Dear Tax Payers,
Department uses the registered contact details (Mobile number & E-mail ID)
for all communications related to e-Filing. It is mandatory that all tax payers
must have a valid contact details registered in e-Filing portal.
is noticed that many registered users are not having authenticated contact
details in e-Filing or may have provided details of other persons for
convenience. This prevents the Department from interacting directly with
taxpayers on their personal email and Mobile.

it has been observed that in many cases taxpayers are not able to reset their
password since the email communication from the Department may be sent to their
registered email or Mobile which may be different from the taxpayer’s personal
email or mobile.
it is requested that all the e-Filing users may immediately update and
authenticate their correct contact details so that the communication can be
sent to the valid Mobile number and E-mail ID.
The process of updating and authenticating the contact details are
below. New User
Provide the correct Mobile Number and Email ID during the Registration
in the e-Filing portal, Activation link would be sent to the registered
E-mail ID and a One Time Password (OTP also called PIN) is sent to the
registered Mobile Number. User needs to Click on the Link provided in the
E-mail and enter the OTP received in the mobile number for Successful
activation of the registered user in e-Filing portal
Registered User
After the user logs in to the e-filing account, the user is requested
to update the current Mobile number and E-mail ID. The user should update
their personal Mobile number and Email so that the updated contact
particulars are registered with the Department or confirm that the Mobile
number and email ID already registered is their valid personal contacts.
Upon submitting the details, Department would immediately send OTPs
(PIN1 & PIN2) to new mobile number and Email ID. The respective PINs-
PIN1 and PIN2 received through Mobile number and E-mail ID should be entered
by them in the respective input fields to authenticate that the email ID and
mobile are correct. Upon successful validation the Mobile number
Taxpayers are advised to follow the process mentioned above
in the interest of the security of their e-filing account and to directly
receive communication from the Department about status of processing and issue
of refunds etc.
This is a one-time process to validate the mobile number and
email ID. However, whenever the taxpayer changes the Mobile Number or email ID
in their Profile, the process will be repeated to ensure that the particulars
provided are correct.
One mobile number or email ID can be used for a maximum of
10 user accounts as the Primary Contact- Mobile Number and Email ID in
e-Filing. This is to ensure that family members (not exceeding 10 separate
users) not having personal email or mobile can be covered under a common email
or mobile, but in general taxpayers should have their own unique email ID and
Mobile registered with the Department.
The taxpayer can enter any other person’s email or mobile
number in addition as a Secondary Contact (without any restriction on the
number of user accounts linked as a Secondary Contact). Using “Profile
Settings ->
My Profile” the
taxpayer can select to include the Secondary Contact to also receive emails,
alerts etc.
Include the emails and SMS from the Income tax Department in
the ‘safe list’ or ‘white list’ to prevent the communications from the
Department from being blocked or rejected or sent to Spam folder.

As a
best practice, please update and authenticate the current contact and address
details under “Profile Settings -> My
after login to eFiling portal.
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