Recently a Assessee have notification in his income tax account for rectification of E-Sahyog. What is E-Sahyog? Is it a Demand?
What is E-Sahyog?
Now Income Tax department linked assessee account with his service tax account (Only for service tax payers) and intimate assessee for any error between Income Tax Return or Service Tax Return. Income tax department allow assessee to correct the mistake between 90 days (Remember: Service tax return revision period is 90 days). So assessee has sufficient time to correct the data accordingly

Is it a kind of Demand?
Answer is "No". E-Sahyog is not a demand. It is only a intimation for correction of your Income Tax Return Data.

How to Correct Data?
Go to your Income Tax Dashboard: Click My pending Actions (Below Image)

There is available e-Sahyog for your Action

Click on e-Sahyog and System shows you mismatch issue in your account.

Click on Response and Select the appropriate option:

A. I do not have knowledge about the turnover shown under "Mismatch Related Information".
B. I have knowledge about the turnover shown under "Mismatch Related Information"

Download here step by step guide on E-Sahyog

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